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This application combined with our Wireless DMX lighting controller will enable you to control any DMX Lighting wirelessly from your phone or tablet. The B-EYE here would be addressed to 1 and would know to listen for DMX signals being broadcast down the line on channels 1-21. Be ensure that the StageLight app is in the fader section. select the fixtures (moving heads) It is basically a DMX lighting controlling software. HUE-WIFI HUB Allows the RF/WIFI-CONTROLLER to be used w/APP DMX controllers are also available as hardware, but many users prefer software controllers because they save on space and are much cheaper. Lee Johnson Date: February 08, 2021 DMX technology be used to control the lighting in a laser show.. Digital multiplexing (DMX) controller software is designed to control light shows through a computer program. SweetLight is a great free stage lighting software for Windows and Mac OS. DMX Lightpad 3 has been designed for all environments including home lighting, office lighting and bar lighting. Now you can control the fixtures you want. No need for wireless routers or any network. The new SUSHI-DS at only $39 is the world's most attractive DMX controller. HUE-RF/WIFI Controller RGB controller, can be paired with remote &/or WIFI hub. ADJ Airstream DMX Pro is a stage lighting control app designed to handle small to medium sized venues such as night clubs, houses of worship or mobile events. 512: 512: LIGHT RIDER DMX CONTROLLER BUY NOW The new LR512 is the easiest way to access Light Rider. Download Light Rider for free and then connect directly from your iPad or Android to the DMX interface over WiFi. The app works over WiFi by connecting to a compatible DMX controller. In the Capture DMX view, you can see, the StageLight app is connected with two universes. It lets you create light shows with various lighting fixtures and equipment. The universe names are the same as in the app. The first P6 would be addressed to 22 and would know to listen for DMX signals on channels 22-25 and so on. DMXking USB DMX and eDMX hardware is designed for use with computer based show control software. E.g. You can control over 100 DMX lights with one controller. focus the selected moving head to a specific point. NO need for PC o Laptop or any form of computer. Each attribute clearly has its own channel which corresponds to its DMX address (DMX value between 1-512). Sync with music To use audio control, simply attach your vessels sound system to the DMX controller via a standard audio jack. SUSHI-DS The world's most attractive DMX controller Buy from $39. 4-Universe DMX Hardware Lighting Controller For Use with iPad and ADJ Airstream LINK iOS App $ 999 .99 Or $42.00 /month § with HUE-RF-REMOTE For use with RF/WIFI & DMX controllers. The OceanDMX App is free to download and easy to use. It requires that you purchase an ADJ 4 Stream DMX Bridge or Airstream DMX Bridge as the interface between your lights and your IOS device, available from any ADJ Lighting dealer. The DMX Lightpad 3 allows you to take control of your lights from your smartphone or tablet. But, this software is quite complicated to understand, especially for naive users. DMX Channels The app works with up to 512 DMX channels (1 universe) depending on connected hardware. It replaces an entire lighting console allowing the user …

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