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Hometown: Born in Jasper, AL. Kate is an undergraduate consultant majoring in global studies with minors in economics and French. We suggest that you check alternate emails. She's passionate about helping writers feel confident in the work that they've produced, regardless of the course or their writing skills. Hobbies: I enjoy reading, watching Netflix, and chilling with my cat, Program and Year: I'm Alana, a former teacher and a current graduate student in anthropology. Also, being able to work with such diverse backgrounds both academically and socially is refreshing. Program and Year: © 2021 All Rights Reserved. CT Grant Writers brings over 20 years of experience to provide grant writing, training, program development, and research services to a variety of public, private, and government entities. As a consultant, Emma’s goal is to help writers communicate their ideas in a clear and engaging manner. She is writing her first novel, In Solidarity, a coming-of-age narrative set in Communist-era Poland. Hobbies: Running, discovering new music, and watching movies, Program and Year: Master of Public Policy, 1 Year MA, Favorite projects to work on: Brainstorming, research papers, and organizing content of any type of work. Hobbies: reading, writing, and cooking, Program and Year: Student Affairs Administration, 1st year MA, Favorite projects to work on: education abroad program. In his fourth undergraduate year, senior and multilingual student Jesus is pursuing a BA in Linguistics. Contact the Writing Center Director, Dr. Sikorski at April.Sikorski@brazosport.edu. I am particularly fond of working with graduate-level international students as I have an MA in TESOL. Favorite projects to work on: I love working on brainstorming, fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and personal statements! Program and Year: Applied Behavior Analysis, 2nd year Master's Student, Favorite projects to work on: Resume/Cover Letters, Brainstorming/Outlining, Research Papers. Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing, 2nd year MA, Favorite projects to work on: Design/Creative/Multimodal projects, and I like to edit pieces of writing. Hobbies: Reading, discovering new music, playing the piano, Program and Year: Journalism, 1st year, Master's Student, Favorite projects to work on: Intro WRA writing, Resumes, Brainstorming, Critical Literary Analysis. This diverse writing background allows Kailee to be clear and concise when helping writers improve their confidence with unfamiliar writing styles such as technical or academic/professional writing. Program and Year: English Literature, 1st year PhD, Favorite projects to work on: WRA 101, literary analyses, creative writing, Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU:Working with students. Participants will consider and strategize new avenues for action to disrupt sexual violence rhetoric within their classrooms, campuses, and communities. As a consultant, Amanda is interested in working with research writing, critical analysis, and because of her major, is skilled in technical communication. ), and academic journal articles. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: The variety of people’s experiences and getting to work with them while getting to know them. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: Getting to work with fun people and learning something new every day! The Writing Center is beginning the process of hiring new consultants for next Fall 2021 semester. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: Broadening my academic and social circles! Hobbies: cooking, exploring Lansing, watching tv shows, Professional Writing & Creative Writing Nikki is her final year at Boise State University. Hobbies: Binge-watching, working out, and listening to music, Program and Year: Journalism (concentration in Environmental, Science & Health Reporting) Undergraduate Senior, Favorite projects to work on: All things, but I especially like working with clients on helping them to improve papers or assignments and brainstorming. Reagan is majoring in Political Science, Spanish, and International Area Studies but enjoys working and brainstorming with peers on any subject. Favorite projects to work on: Personal narratives, rhetorical analysis, cover letters, or multimedia projects. Emma is an undergraduate student at Boise State studying Environmental Ecology and Behavior. The Writing Center offers twenty-five minute individual sessions with graduate student or faculty consultants. After college, she wants to be hired at a publishing house to edit novels, magazines or other forms of fiction literature. Writing Consultant Application. The Writing Center is a resource you should use to help you improve your writing. Program and Year: English & professional and public writing, 4th year undergraduate. Hobbies: hiking, writing, gardening, making/creating, Favorite projects to work on: early drafts, synthesis or research papers, professional documents, application documents. Faculty Services We are available to assist faculty with integrating writing into courses across disciplines, to support special writing projects, and to accept individual student referrals. We are excited to work with you throughout your college career to help you develop paths forward with any writing project, at any stage of the process. What does it remind you of? McKena is a Boise State Writing Center consultant and a psychology major, meaning she has a solid grasp on all things APA. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: I really enjoy working with other people and learning from them. McKena is among the first group of Peer Advisors in the Psychology Department, giving her not only additional experience with serving her fellow students but also experience in planning and contributing to on-campus events. Alongside her work at the Writing Center, she deepened her passion for supporting student learning while acting as a TA for the math department. Hobbies: Hiking, Kayaking, Reading, and Making Spotify Playlists. Whether the piece is feeling a bit long or aimless, or if a writer is simply feeling overwhelmed, David excels at working with writers to find focus. She’s also had the opportunity to present research at The International Writing Center Association’s conferences in 2017 and 2019 to advocate awareness on two especially meaningful topics for her: writing apprehension and the accessibility of writing services. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: Helping my peers grow in writing and confidence! All Writing Center services will be offered online this fall. Favorite projects to work on: When it comes to other people's work as well as my own, I enjoy helping with the beginning processes of a paper. Jenna is an undergraduate student at Boise State studying Elementary Education while endorsing in Teaching English as a Second Language, English as a New Language and Literacy. As a peer writing consultant, you are expected to: Work eight to 12 hours per week; Work with a variety of writers, including undergraduate students, graduate students, staff and faculty Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: I love that I am able to help a plethora of people on their writing journeys. Meet our Rhetoric and Writing Center Consultants. Mon-Thurs: 8 am to 8 pm Fri: 8 am to 12 noon Main Bldg, E.220 979.230.3174. She is currently pursuing a BS in Anthropology and a BA in English Linguistics, with minors in both Economics and Creative Writing. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: Meeting new people every day! Our writing consultants are made up of undergraduate and graduate students from diverse disciplines, backgrounds, and experiences in order to meet the demands of an ever-growing campus. Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: I love getting to know people through their writing! She started working in writing centers during her sophomore year of high school and has been consulting ever since. In the Writing Center, Carlee works to ensure writers leave their sessions feeling confident in their ideas. ... See MoreSee Less, 300 Ernst Bessey Hall, 434 Farm Ln, East Lansing, MI 48824, it’s that time of the year! Hobbies: I am extremely passionate about food and I love serving people. I enjoy getting to see the different kinds of writing people are doing across campus. Favorite projects to work on: The writing process, argumentative essays, research papers (humanities), cover letter/resume, multimodal projects, and creative non-fiction. Nikki's foremost goal is to help Writing Center clients improve confidence in themselves as a writer and the pieces they are developing. When assigned to a course, the writing consultant's main responsibility is to provide appropriate written commentary on a student's rough draft and to meet the student in a brief writing conference to provide feedback and helpful writing … One month of the semester is left and the pressure is on. Graduate Writing Consultant. Program and Year: Political Science, 2nd year undergraduate, Favorite projects to work on: Social Science, History, and Arts and Humanities Essays. Camryn particularly enjoys consulting creative and literature-based projects, but is excited to tackle any projects that come her way. In addition to his journalistic work, David also helped write three episodes of a TV show for Boise State’s Narrative Television Initiative and enjoys watching, discussing and writing about visual media. I'm just getting started. Hobbies: eating delicious things, watching horror/cult movies, playing Sims 4, believe or not cleaning and doing house chores, Program and Year: You can register here: msu.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_uwOlSgSKTzCU0Kp_Y3dyow Favorite thing about working at the WC@MSU: I love working with clients from many different majors and backgrounds--I love to learn about what others are learning, and to read different writing styles! They assist in document preparation, citation style, research, and other technical aspects of the writing process. In one-on-one consultations and workshops, our consultants offer feedback and strategies to help you improve at every stage of your writing, from brainstorming to final drafts. Camryn’s work in the Writing Center allows her to transfer her teaching skills and philosophies into collaborative sessions with writers, creating a productive and empowering environment. Program: Student Affairs Administration, 2nd year M.A. Collin College students and may schedule both on-campus and online appointments with our professional writing consultants. Program and Year: Elementary Education, 2nd Year Undergrad. Favorite projects to work on: Personal statements and creative narratives, anything in the social sciences, brainstorming, research papers, projects and presentations. Program and Year: Critical Studies in Literacy and Pedagogy, 1st Year MA. This mindset and belief have translated themselves to her work in the Writing Center. Struggling with writers block? Psychology and Professional Writing, 4th year undergraduate, Favorite projects to work on: Brainstorming ideas, HPS essays, creative writing pieces, and multimodal projects. She has worked in writing centers as a consultant for over 3 years. A variety of courses and research on multilingual writing, agency, and diverse research methods make Jesus excellent at brainstorming, adapting to genres while preserving writers' voices, revising content (consistency, formatting, flow, etc. If you are interested in writing and, more importantly, passionate about helping others on WMU’s campus, we’d love for you to join our team Program and Year: English, Post-Bachelors Student Teaching. To learn more about an individual consultant's background and specializations, please see the list below. Then, this presentation seeks to interrogate and dispel common rape culture myths used in contemporary American rhetoric, discourse, and ideology.

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