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That chilling “regrettable but understandable” over a young woman’s murder back in 1984 sits very close to Mary Lou McDonald’s “I wish it hadn’t happened, but it was a justified campaign” in 2020. Billy Hutchinson says his political allegiance is to England. Tracey Coulter is in the latter camp, admitting she has no time for the ex-UVF prisoner and accusing him of fanning the flames of the gang's 2000 feud with the UDA which claimed seven lives, one of whom was her father Jackie. He has been active in Loyalism since the early 1970s and was involved in securing the CLMC ceasefire in 1994. It is because of omissions like this, and the UVF murders of more than 30 Protestants since its 1994 ceasefire, that Tracey believes Hutchinson's book does more harm than good. Buy the eBook > ISBN: 9781785373459 Categories: Biography / Memoir, Merrion Press, … Billy Hutchinson said the response had to come through politics. He seems even angrier when talking about mainstream unionist politicians who he claims “publicly condemned but privately encouraged” loyalist terrorist groups. Click here to read. They hang on to a ‘British’ identity that does n’t exist any more. "I told him that I would ring Raymond and ask him to come down the cafe, but Billy just pushed past me and ran off.". 163 likes. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. He hadn’t even reached the age of 20 when he was jailed for double murder. His image was a bit of the hard man versus his more charismatic party leader and sidekick David Ervine. Billy Watson. The loyalist perspective on the conflict in the North is one that is rarely articulated and frequently overlooked. Billy Watson. account. @kb_da_kidd. He was elected as an assembly member in 1998 for the Progressive Unionist Party (PUP) after the Good Friday peace agreement. From film and book reviews to music features and the best of TV and theatre, entertainment has you covered. Billy Hutchinson is leader of the Progressive Unionist Party. Billie J Hutchinson, age 52, Sullivan, IL 61951 View Full Report. Read what the Party’s position is on the things that matter to you and your family. 620277; 58666; Billy Huntington. "He stammered about how he meant Raymond McCord (whose son Raymond Jnr was beaten to death by UVF informants), and denied it was a reference to me. Sections, Ciaran Barnes Email. From Tartan gang member to leading loyalist paramilitary, and from progressive unionist politician to Belfast City Councillor, My Life in Loyalism is Billy Hutchinson’s remarkable story. News & Current Affairs. Cllr Billy Hutchinson PUP - CllrPup Billy Hutchinson - billyhutch6872 Billy Hutchinson - … The last time the mum-of-four laid eyes on Hutchinson was in a Belfast cafe during an encounter which ended up in a full-blown argument. ", The Belfast Telegraph is a member of IPSO and subscribes to its Editors' Code of Practice Twitter Web App : Brian Jordan Alvarez I was so obsessed with this I animated it. Share on: Twitter; Facebook; LinkedIn; At 1909hrs, the Charleston Fire Department received a report of a fire at the Sofa Super Store, 1807 Savannah Highway, in Charleston. Speaking to Sunday Life in 2012 he insisted the claim was fiction and it could never be proved because "it didn't happen". He also admits that some elements within the UVF thought the trip was a good idea because he was "inflaming the situation through my comments in the media". It is also let down by some clichéd and leaden language. She explained: "Billy had used the term 'celebrity victim' in an interview to describe people who were campaigning for justice for UVF murder victims. 687 likes. Hutchinson hopes the book will contribute to “a better understanding of the Troubles”. Bill Hutchinson and his much younger girlfriend are featured on Marrying Millions but its very likely that he's actually worth billions. Billy F Hutchinson, age 43, Overland Park, KS 66210 View Full Report Known Locations: Overland Park KS, 66210, Prairie Village KS 66208, Shawnee Mission KS 66208 Possible Relatives: Ella Mae Carney, Billy Hutchinson, Carla Grace Hutchinson Mr Hutchinson, 65, was jailed in 1975 after his conviction for the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) ordered murder of two Catholic half brothers, Edward Morgan and Michael Loughran, in Belfast in 1974. The state patrol says 92-year-old Marcel Mathison died when the SUV he was riding in was traveling eastbound on 150th Street, 1 mile south of Hutchinson, and was hit by a semi traveling southbound on Highway 15. Hutchinson merely says that Michael Loughran and Edward Morgan “had been identified… as active republicans. A senior police officer warned last week that discontent over regulatory barriers was growing and said the pandemic may have masked action on the streets. Subscribe Today Newsletters Facebook Twitter E-Edition Archives. © BelfastTelegraph.co.uk, Video: Youths clash with police in second night of trouble in west Belfast, Bernard McGinn: IRA sniper offered case full of cash by spymasters, book claims, Police dog Daphne injured during Belfast disorder, Nadine Coyle's accent: Matt Lucas challenged over remarks about Derry girl's pronunciation on Great British Bake Off, Loyalist umbrella group LCC breaks silence to call for an end to unrest, Youths shoot fireworks at police in west Belfast, Clean-up underway after night of disorder in west Belfast, Arlene Foster offers her condolences to Her Majesty, Spy-cam NI doc who secretly recorded colleagues and family friends in toilet faces being struck off, Mourne glamping owner brings light to children with cancer by raising cash for respite centre, Cocaine haul all for me, says UDA dealer Dee Jenkins, Line of Duty role was Sara Dylan's latest blockbuster part, Rapist Gerry Verner warned not to step foot in east Belfast, NI public pay tribute to Prince Phillip: 'It's very sad but I think he will be remembered for a long time', More than 70 police officers injured after a week of riots, Disorder enters eighth night as police attacked in Belfast, Adama Traore ends Wolves’ winless run with stoppage-time strike at Fulham, Rory McIlroy encouraged to take a break as early Masters exit beckons, The Belfast Telegraph is a member of IPSO and subscribes to its Editors' Code of Practice. Councillor Russell Watton. Former loyalist paramilitary Billy Hutchinson has spoken about the need for a 'new society' in Northern Ireland, insisting that 'unionism needs to get a grip'. Billy Hutchinson was at the forefront of this. If you have any questions about our city-ran youth sports programs, please feel free to contact Billy Hutchinson by phone at 714-990-7171 or by email at BillyH@cityofbrea.net. February 05, 2021. He stood as a North Belfast candidate in the 1996 Forum elections, was elected to Belfast City Council in 1997 and became a North Belfast MLA in 1998. Subscribe to podcast. THE INLA planned to murder Progressive Unionist Party leader Billy Hutchinson coming out of the BBC studios in Belfast. By the early 1980s, Kevin Boyle was a professor of law at NUI Galway and becoming increasingly well-known for his work as a human rights lawyer. It was doubly unthinkable because before he was a politician, Hutchinson was a paramilitary leader and had served 15 years in jail for the murder of two young Catholic men in west Belfast. She said: "As far as I'm concerned Billy is cashing in on the misery of UVF victims, he has used this book to try and portray himself as a peacemaker, well in my eyes he is nothing more than a warmonger. It even contested elections before Sinn Féin developed its electoral strategy after Bobby Sands’ victory in Fermanagh and South Tyrone. Click on the handle or view more to run a full report. The daughter of a man murdered by the UVF has accused PUP leader Billy Hutchinson's new book of "cashing in" on the misery of victims of the terror gang. Known Locations: Overland Park KS, 66210, Prairie Village KS 66208, Shawnee Mission KS 66208 Possible Relatives: Ella Mae Carney, Billy Hutchinson, Carla Grace Hutchinson In reality, they were two young lads cut down on their way to work in the morning. 17th November 2020. The Hutchinson News. 280.5k Followers, 367 Following, 666 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Billie (@billie) Elected to: Causeway & Glens (Coleraine) 07981 545952; Our Policies. Or as Hutchinson says himself: “He was the dove and I was the hawk — and that suited me just fine.”. Billy Hutchinson is talking about murder. Unionism needs to unite in a peaceful way over opposition to the Northern Ireland protocol, Billy Hutchinson said (Liam McBurney/PA) By Michael McHugh, PA January 31 2021 11:00 AM Belfast has always had peace lines, says Billy Hutchinson, “but they’re in your head.” He was 14 when, in 1969, many of these demarcation lines became real barricades, thrown up along the previously invisible boundaries between Protestant and Catholic areas as the Troubles began. It certainly provides some fresh first-hand insights but it leaves as many questions unanswered about the murky, murderous and chaotic world of loyalist paramilitarism. When loyalists come into the equation, they are usually seen as proxies in Britain’s counter-terrorist campaign against the IRA — or knuckle-headed dupes of mainstream unionism. In the May 1981 local government elections the PUP got 3,000 votes. ... Facebook Twitter … The top state of residence is Georgia, followed by Oklahoma. Just a handful of sentences in the 282-page My Life in Loyalism are dedicated to Haddock and none to Haggarty - two UVF serial killers in the pay of, and protected by, the State. Billy L Spaniol Obituary. Below you will find the associated Twitter handles. Sign Up. "Billy was asked to condemn my daddy's killing on TV at the time and he refused, now he is calling it a 'mess', which only rubs salt in the wounds," added Tracey. Billy Hutchison in Texas . Official page of Billy Hutchinson. Billy Hutchinson is talking about murder. age. Anyone seeking further elaboration on that gun attack will be disappointed if they read My Life in Loyalism. Billy Hutchinson Twitter: Facebook: Billy Hutchinson Facebook: Wikipedia: Billy Hutchinson Wikipedia: Imdb: Timeline. (Hutchinson MN-) A Hector man was killed in an SUV-semi crash south of Hutchinson yesterday morning. "I'm not surprised he makes no mention of his arrest in connection with the murder of that young lad Devlin, because what happened there was shameful," said Tracey. It was clear that he was passionate about working-class politics and antagonistic towards “big house unionism”. Loyalists are in a dysfunctional relationship where their abusive partner barely gives them the time of day. It is also interesting how young Hutchinson was as the Troubles erupted and how he migrated from being a keen Linfield football fan (or hooligan) to the leader of a paramilitary gang. THE INLA planned to murder Progressive Unionist Party leader Billy Hutchinson coming out of the BBC studios in Belfast. Click on a Linkedin account below to run a full report and get additional details, such as, current address and phone number. view more. See below for more details on Billy Hutchinson [Billy Hutchinson was later convicted for his part in these killings. At the same time he was holding down a job in the Mackie’s engineering plant, though that eventually ended when he was targeted by republicans. Every Monday. Tracey Coulter, whose dad Jackie Coulter was gunned down in 2000 during a feud, also questioned why the UVF double killer's My Life in Loyalism biography fails to mention: "He doesn't mention any of these things because he is embarrassed by them, I know I would be," said a furious Tracey. His attempts to paint the UVF as a disciplined and non-sectarian paramilitary force don’t convince, however, and there are surreal moments such as an internal UVF row about the proposed appointment of an ‘operations manager’ which reads like a sinister episode of The Office. Elected to: Belfast East (Titanic) 07515 409757; Councillor. This was a bit of a fresh air at the time and I remember interviewing him for the nationalist Andersonstown News as a young reporter in the late 90s, something that would have been unthinkable a few years previously. A member of the Territorial Army (TA) was shot dead by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) in Belfast. This field is required It feels more like a collection of anecdotes told chronologically. Sports reporter for The Hutchinson News & USA Today Network ... Facebook Twitter Email. Growing a political project out of the seeds of discontent – Brian Rowan on what’s going on within loyalism… By Brian Rowan May 2, 2013. THE PAT KENNY SHOW. Hutchinson reveals he was a prime target for the UDA during the feud, and talks about how he went on a pre-booked holiday to France to escape the madness - leading opponents to claim he ran away. There was a period in the mid to late 1990s, however, when there seemed to be a unique, if inchoate, political vision emerging from some of those who had come from the ranks of paramilitary organisations such as the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). Murdered LVF leader Billy Wright has been branded a State agent by PUP leader Billy Hutchinson in a new book detailing his life in loyalism. One of the abiding images from the past year is that of PUP leader Billy Hutchinson dressed as Edward Carson, the Dublin-born barrister, anti-socialist… News & Current Affairs. @thebluntdoctorr. Memoir: My Life in Loyalism by Billy Hutchinson, Merrion Press, 316 pages, hardcover €18.95; e-book £8.99, Duke of Edinburgh dies aged 99: Prince Philip's life in pictures, Prince Philip dies: Key events in his life, Rory McIlroy speaks after shot accidentally hits father in first round of the Masters, Prince Philip at 90: seven of the Duke's most memorable quotes, Coffee kiosks proving vital for communities during pandemic, The Best Catholics in the World: A personal quest to find the truth about Catholic Ireland’s vanishing act, Our Mersey Shore review: a hugely satisfying story of courage, heart-break and hope as bombs fall, Book brief: Thrillers from Linwood Barclay and Elly Griffiths, paperbacks from Matt Haig and Kate Elizabeth Russell plus the inside story of Instagram, Last One at the Party by Bethany Clift: High times on the road with the last woman standing in a pandemic, No One is Talking About This by Patricia Lockwood: A funny and poignant take on our online and offline lives.

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