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La connexion peut être limitée sur certaines routes, donc nous vous recommandons de télécharger vos films et votre musique avant votre voyage. On time.Hello, we are sorry for your experience. Any additional price difference between your initial reservation and your new booking will be added to this cost. Online payment is compulsory for print-at-home tickets. Boarding. I made plans around this trip. Very bad services and extremely bad driver.I booked a trip from Munich,DE to Reims,FR at only 5€ a place. Please send us your feedback via our contact form. Cancellations are frequent. Partenariats. I rest in a reclining and comfortable seat. Pour les billets standards (non promotionnels), toute modification ou l'annulation est possible jusqu'à 30 min avant l'heure de départ. Comfort. The second leg of the journey was canceled but the first was not. When I showed the temperature reader in the bus and said it is 32 and we cannot breath inside, the bus driver and copilot couldn't answer in German or in English just tried to screw me like, "it shows outside tempeture as 21 the air conditioner is automatic" although it was working in the morning. Now I'm stranded between countries. Email support and email complaints are useless as well!Terrible company after i paid 40€ the bus didn't show up and they didn't refund me back my money.I am in the Bus: 50311 which goes (at 1.50 p.m.) from Paris to Bruxelles. We apologize for the bad experience.Hello Jairo, Thanks for your positive feedback. Have you send us a refund request?Hello, Thank you for this report. Refunds are made in vouchers only. Et le tout à petit prix. Blablabus services Services Home Good deals Services Destinations Book now. WiFi. Overall, theres just so many other coaches that offer so much more, this is just barely average.I had very bad experience, I supposed to arrive at 18:00 to my destination, but the driver had so many stops and I have told him that I have flight but he didn’t care at all!! The driver noticed they had forgotten to buy a ticket but instead of accepting to let them buy a new one since apparently it was too late he humiliated them in front of the whole bus and after a half an hour fight separated the family by force leaving the father with a new born on back at the station and the mother with the two other crying children inside.They cancelled the return part of my journey from Amsterdam to London only a few hours before it was scheduled to leave via a 1 sentence text that offered no details as to why or support to finding an alternative way home. Service is horrible, they don’t have their own buses anymore so they use old ones. Save yourself from agony just for the sake of saving £2, £3.We travelled from Amsterdam to Hamburg with 2 of the worst drivers on the Blabla bus.Outside temperature was 25 celcius grad in the morning and the air conditioning was on so it was OK. I feel tricked. Vlaams; Deutsch; English; Español; Français; Italiano; Nederlands Please contact us via our contact form if you have not received a refund of your booking price, yet. You can find the number on your bus ticket. Toute modification ou toute annulation est gratuite sur le site ou l'application Ouibus.com, ou possible avec 5 euros de frais en guichet et avec 10 euros de frais par téléphone auxquels s’ajoute l’éventuelle différence tarifaire entre votre réservation initiale et votre nouvelle réservation. He was safe efficient nice and we even got back to London 45 Min early. Electrical outlets. Never again .This morning I was taking the bus back to Nantes from Bordeaux. Est-ce que BlaBlaBus prévoit un dédommagement en cas de retard ? Puis-je obtenir un remboursement si je ne voyage pas ? Profitez de plus de 300 destinations à travers l'Europe dans des bus tout confort. With BlaBlaBus, you can exchange or … 1st the Bus stucks. https://help.blablabus.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000241579.Hello Ed, we are sorry for the inconvenience you had on board our busses and for the troubles caused by the re-accommodations and cancellation of your trips. The driver was good and kind with all people. The route network is expanding progressively. And it was about 18:30 and the driver decided to took a dinner break (again) and when I talked to him, he said “you can take a taxi from here!! We are happy that you had a great time on board our bus. Oui, il y a le WiFi 4 G à bord des bus BlaBlaBus, c'est un service gratuit ! We would like to investigate what happened in detail. Comment contacter BlaBlaBus ? ... Live the BlaBlaBus experience. Forgot something in the bus? You will get shafted. Imprévus et réclamations. BlaBlaBus has three major hubs; Paris-Bercy, Lyon-Perrache, and Lille-Europe. And honestly, even if I had, would I? If there's an emergency during a ride, you can reach our call centre from 8AM to 10PM, Monday to Sunday. Paiement en ligne obligatoire avec billet à imprimer soi-même. You can contact our team here. Mehr anzeigen. Which you can use as a discount for your next trip. So they wrote this message to us when our trip is cancelled How does that make sense so i am very confused that if our trip is cancelled our not i will NOT recommend this bus company to anyone not even my enemies. WE BOUGHT FOUR LHR TO CDG TICKETS FOR 24 MARCH. 08.20 from Berlin to Bremen.Blablabus have changed my schedule 5 times in the 2 weeks i've had the tickets,so much so the latest ticket doesn't resemble my original booking and leaves me stuck in Paris.Excellent service. As you have already contacted us via our contact form you are guaranteed to receive a reply from us. I could not ask for a better experience.The bus has 80mb of data wifi, which isnt enough for journeys that take days. Isn’t life wonderful? That was very cheap, unfortunately too good to be true. But when it reached to 32 celcius degree, they switched it off, it was too hot inside. Here is the problem: There were no alternative trips. Ouibus devient BlaBlaBus. There is not phone to contact them just the useless online form, which they have not answered yet. i forgot my luggage 4 weeks back, still no response from them.Traveled as a couple overnight from Paris to Capbreton-Hossegor on 04/09/20.I know the cheap prices are tempting but don't do it. Sometimes, that is not possible because of unexpected traffic conditions.Hello Lauren, thanks for your positive feedback. But who needs a voucher for a shoddy company, when the journey has already been ruined? Service is horrible, they don’t have their own buses anymore so they use old ones. Driver objected us to eat but he was eating the food after a while.Worst customer service. Customer service sucks, no refunds. Please note that our busses are operated with 100% seat capacity in all countries except Germany. Discover our bus offer. Les remboursements sont effectués en bons d'achat uniquement. The safety of our passengers has highest priority when you are traveling. Votre guide de voyage en BlaBlaBus. !” Seriously!! The second option is to claim a cash refund. I have spent 3 months trying to get a refund and have been consistently ignored both via the contact form, and emailing with customer service directly. This was our trip from victoria station to Brussles please respond to this review BlaBlaBus,They modified our tickets so many times that we should have got given the option for a refund ‍♀️ . The driver took attention to every passenger after every break he took and say the instructions very clearly to everyone. Forgot something in the bus? Currently, BlaBlaBus serves Aix-en-Provence, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Genoa, Lille, London, Lyon, Marseille, Milan, Nice, Paris, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, San Sebastián, and Turin. The ride home was the best experience I had during my trip we had the best driver. Désormais réservez vos billets de BlaBlaBus (Ouibus) directement sur BlaBlaCar. I would advise any traveler to use the later as Ouisbus/BlaBlaBus is dead. BlaBlaBus travels to more than 300 cities across France and Europe. Want to open a claim? ... Si vous avez des difficultés à nous contacter via le formulaire, notre service client est disponible tous les jours par téléphone au (+33)1 70 96 86 40, de 8 heures à 22 heures. There are many daily departures, so BlaBlaBus is the ideal travel option if you want to find cheap tickets from Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, but also Berlin, London, Amsterdam and many more. Travel around Europe by bus for less. BUSES CANCELLED. The website ouibus.com which is blablabus - all of their social media links don't work. BlaBlaBus, le nouveau service … We are looking forward to having you travel with us in the future again.Hello, we are sorry to hear that your trip was cancelled due to operational reasons. I had to change buses in Paris. When we get to the coach station, the driver was being very rude turning people away who have come from God knows where, with loaded suitcases saying that the companies changed their tickets! I am sure the competition for customers is hard, but it does not justify this behaviour. We are sorry that your booking was modified due to operational reasons. There are many daily departures, so BlaBlaBus is the ideal travel option if you want to find cheap tickets from Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, but also Berlin, London, Amsterdam and many more. I use the wifi to watch my favorite shows and movies. 15 000 journeys. Kapitän Ein Kapitän zu deinen Diensten! As a passenger, it was also not comforting for me and it ended up to be an unpleasant journey on the way back. We will never use Blabla bus ever again! 2. Because of the corona the toilettes were closed and i could understand this, but 4h without taking toilette break this would be impossible for diabetes person.. and when i asked the driver for a break he told me that we are already arrived.. i checked the map and he still have to drive for more than 1h.. Nie wieder Blablabus!I wanted to make a complaint but I couldnt find any email I could write to. I recommend the service. BlaBlaCar is the world's leading long distance carpooling service, connecting drivers with empty seats to people travelling the same way. Busdrivers are responsible for the safety and well-being on board of the bus but they must also respect the road traffic regulations and not endanger other road users.Hello Michael, we are sorry to hear that your bus was cancelled due to operational reasons. We were promised a refund and now have to call their french number, pay overheads on our phone bills because none of their employee are able to process our refund.This has to be the worst bus service in the world. The customer service doesn't exist, it's an email form that has little to no respone. We were on an 8 hour bus ride, an hour after leaving Paris the driver stopped for 30 minutes and then made the 2 scheduled stops but not at a station and for only 5 minutes so no bathroom breaks. Where do you want a ride to? Was this article helpful? They will offer you a voucher and it will take an age to be credited to you, if it is at all. I felt so sorry for them. That is why the toilet can sometimes be closed, but the driver should give you an alternative then. We are happy to have a closer look at your booking and to figure out a satisfying solution for you.Hello, thank you for this feedback. I forwarded your report to our quality assurance team, so that this incident does not happen again. I will not have a chance to book another trip with them. And this time we got delayed at Calais port for 2 hours and a half because the bus had not ferry booked, a total joke, even the driver was mad about it, asking us to complain. For the record, we got home with Flixbus.Went from London to Brussels and back, the coach was great both on the way there and back. ... Meet the BlaBlaBus fleet. Bus number 30171 on 06. Drivers are treated badly, they are overworked and it makes them rude. He tried to do that with me, but I became so visibly upset as I travelled all the way (an hour and a half) with my sister and he was trying to split us up on different coaches with different times. It was all clean and very confortable seats. Les billets promotionnels sont non échangeables et non remboursables. So I’m here.I gave 1 star because there isn’t less. We apologize for the troubles that caused. You can be sure that we will reply to your requests soon.Hello Nantha, we are sorry for the inconvenience you had on board our bus.Hello, we are sorry for the inconvenience you had on board our bus.Hello Emrecan, we are sorry for the inconvenience you had on board our bus.Hello Nigel, thanks for your message. Their social media links take you to either empty sites or accounts for their other companies. Came on time, gave us suitable breaks and the driver told us what to do each way. Easy and affordable, our buses are always travelling to your next destination. You do not get your money back. If not, please do so. We would like to investigate in detail what happened that day. Want to open a claim? Offre non cumulable avec toute autre promotion en cours ou tarif réduit SNCF.OUI.sncf est le distributeur de voyages en ligne de la SNCF sur la France, l'Europe et le monde : préparez vos voyages, réservez vos billets de train et d'hôtel...Présentation et classement des offres sur le site www.oui.sncf,Droits des voyageurs ferroviaires et Règlement européen n°1371/2007. Réservez vos billets de bus BlaBlaBus en ligne. THEY ARE A BLABLA FRAUD.We have booked Berlin to Dresden roundtrip. Please. Someone needs to take legal action against them because it is truly unacceptable.Bad customer service or nonexistent (only through online form).They cancelled my bus so I claimed to get a refund but it’s been more than 3 weeks since I didn’t get any confirmation that they received my claim. Cet article vous a-t-il été utile ? Please note that passengers whos trip was modified have two options. I took it after the quarantine a way from Barcelona to Bordeaux. I was supposed to receive a refund for a bus that delayed more than 2 hours. One way trip was pleasant. We are just looking into the details to prevent such a situation in the future.Hello, thank you for sharing that report with us. Have you claimed a refund for your booking, yet?Hello, we are sorry to hear that your trip had to be cancelled due to operational reasons. No chargers, no WiFi, no toilets most of the time. Welcome aboard BlaBlaBus, your new bus service. Was this article helpful? Wifi, prises électriques, 2 bagages en soute et toilettes à bord. I putted my bagage in the cabine at the bottom of the bus and i havent lost anything. We are sorry for what happend. They are also very difficult to get in touch with. 3. Most of the nice ones go off to work for FlixBus. 300 destinations. !They cancelled a coach trip the day before departure.AVOID AVOID AVOID!! Paid for 2 specific seats then when we boarded was told (rudely by the driver) that there are no numbered seats - saw many people with the same confused looks so a real money maker for them. We are currently experiencing a very high activity on our website which causes delayed responses. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other current promotion or SNCF discounted fare.Oui.sncf is the official European distribution channel of the French railways (SNCF) for online sales of high-speed and conventional rail travel throughout France and Europe: plan your journeys, book your train tickets and get inspired by our travel guides. STILL NO REFUND AS OF SEP 18TH. Please use other bus services because the price difference isn’t that much. We are sorry to hear that your trip was modified and finally cancelled due to operational reasons. I would advise any traveler to use the later as Ouisbus/BlaBlaBus is dead. Our drivers are always trying to be on time. Have you already contacted us via our contact form? They make you feel powerless because there is no other way of contacting them. Services, sièges et arrêts. They give you a voucher. If there's an emergency during a ride, you can reach our call centre from 8AM to 10PM, Monday to Sunday. e d'un chien guide d’aveugle ou d’assistance. And their very best jokes! Click on “accept” to accept all OUI.sncf and third party cookies, or click on “more information” to find out more and adjust your preferences,I use the wifi to watch my favorite shows and movies,I rest in a reclining and comfortable seat,I have an individual plug to charge my devices,I can carry up to 2 big suitcases with me. 10 countries. They're known notoriously for late arrivals, late departures, no shows, false advertising and to top it off.. No chargers, no WiFi, no toilets most of the time. We are looking forward to having you travel with us in the future again.© 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved.AVOID blablabus!! A week before the trip, I simply got mail saying the booking was cancelled. Attention ! Or you simply have a question? They are a real headache.BlaBlaBus has to be one of the WORST bus company in the WORLD firstly, they modifed our trip then they cancelled it then they sent us a message that we should wear a mask which is understandable because of covid-19 but they said our trip was cancelled? He was talking to his assistant driver all the way and distracting her from driving. (1) Price inclusive of taxes, from and per person, for a one-way journey with BLABLABUS, on selected dates and destinations, subject to availability. And now even their online form stopped working.They have the worst Customer Service I have ever experienced. Travel by bus and limit your carbon footprint too. Quelles sont les adresses des points de départ et d'arrivée BlaBlaBus ? Imagine booking a hotel and make other holiday arrangements only to lose your money. Yes it is cheap but not worth it.I can't believe that this company takes advantage of the coronavirus situation.My dad and I took blah blah bus from London to Paris and back. Exchange or cancellation We all change our minds sometimes! Definitely a SCAM, and appalled by their service. WiFi gratuit et prises électriques pour votre plus grand plaisir. Afin d'améliorer votre expérience, des cookies sont utilisés pour conserver vos informations de connexion et vous fournir une connexion sécurisée, collecter des statistiques en vue d'optimiser les services du site, et adapter nos contenus et nos campagnes publicitaires à vos centres d'intérêt. Great! Unfortunately, we are dealing with a very high activity on our platform right now, which causes delays in response times.Hello Milot, thank you for your feedback. (1) Prix TTC, par personne, à partir de, pour un aller simple avec BLABLABUS, sur une sélection de destinations et de dates et sous réserve de disponibilités. Only downsides were there were no plugs on the coach, aside from that a really good journey for the price we paid!Hello Tonio, thanks for your feedback. My round trip from London to Paris In June was cancelled 4hrs before departure. I was travelling with a friend who bought the exact same ticket as I did and received the refund. Therefore, we would like you to send us your feedback to the following contact form: https://help.blablabus.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new.Hello, we are sorry for the inconvenience you had.Hello, thanks for sharing that feedback. Close this message. At the end the person checking tickets was the one that helped me on Paris to be able to take the bus that I initially booked and payed for, but blablabus just got me off from it with no other solution. We are sorry to hear that your booking was modified due to operational reasons. Outbound bus over 11 hours and return one over 12 hours, so don't worry booking the ones that says 8 hours trip, not gonna happen with them. I booked a long journey to visit in Germany. Boarding your BlaBlaBus is as easy as 1, 2, 3 : Arrive no later than 15 minutes before departure; Bring your ID and ticket; Find out your seat number via our app one hour before departure, or … 350 000 fans. There is AC and people respected their seats. I booked with 3 weeks in advance for 2 people London - Paris return tickets.

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