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Nnamdi Asomugha, Drama, Music, Romance. Animation, Adventure, Comedy. Bradley Cooper Unfortunately, she’s also trapped in an abusive, deeply unhappy marriage to her worthless husband Earl. A band director recruits a Harlem street drummer to play at a Southern university. Kathryn McCormick, I can’t wait to find out how the Broadway shakes things up, and I have faith that no matter what changes they make, they’ll still be able to capture the magic of the original. (And if you’re at all familiar with his work, you know that’s saying something.) 30 min Jamie Lee Curtis, Anna Paquin, Votes: Lucas Grabeel, PG-13 Stars: Harvey Keitel, Dennis Quaid, The infamous duo has been featured in loads of films, TV shows, and books — and musicals! | Brittany Murphy, A feature version of the Broadway musical, in which a bodega owner has mixed feelings about closing his store and retiring to the Dominican Republic after inheriting his grandmother's fortune. John Lithgow, As she tries to fight her growing attraction to the doctor, Jenna also juggles her pregnancy, her quirky coworkers at the diner, and her efforts to provide a better life for her baby – and maybe even herself. $151.10M, R I have never seen either but I have wanted to for a while now! 99 min Julia Stiles, Jane Campion | | Gross: | Gross: | So it was probably inevitable that I’d do this list eventually. $16.17M, PG-13 | Christy Altomare as Anya and Zach Adkins as Dmitry. The comic strip detective finds his life vastly complicated when Breathless Mahoney makes advances towards him while he is trying to battle Big Boy Caprice's united mob. | Travis Tritt, Votes: | Gross: | $2.70M, PG-13 Director: Specifically, Albin performs as a drag queen, the fabulously flamboyant Zaza. But if you don’t want to smile every time you watch one of these gloriously cheesy fluff-fests, you’re lying to yourself. | Kevin Bacon, | Gross: Director: | What he doesn't know is that the girl is actually a camp kitchen worker with a fear of being heard. There's a hint of romance in almost every movie, but romantic films take the concept all the way home and lucky for you, there are a bunch of romantic movies coming out in … 5. They're like emo music or fast food. Victoria Justice, | | 116 min Drama, Music, Romance. Nick Cannon, | Andie MacDowell, Votes: Okay, technically the first movie is about Donna’s daughter Sophie finding out who her father is, but Donna is the real hero here and we all know it. Scott Porter, Biography, Drama, Music. The main plot concerns Natasha Rostova’s romance with Anatole Kuragin… despite her engagement to Andrei Bolkonsky. Jennifer Grey, So the story itself didn’t end all that well (whirlwind holiday romance goes insanely wrong, teens take drastic action etc), but the music inspired by Shakespeare’s most famous romance is so affecting, so purely emotional, that you’ll probably want to visit the apothecary as well (not really). Stars: 133 min | Gross: 139 min Director: 3. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There are almost too many reasons to love Great Comet to list here. | Anthony LaPaglia, Stars: $56.40M, R John Carney Billy Wilder | Gross: 21,614 111,500 | | Well, her Harvard-bound boyfriend thinks she’s not serious enough for him to be with long-term. Oh. Jonathan Jackson, PG-13 Aidan Gillen, Director: Photo: Universal. Drama, Music, Musical. Stars: Comedy, Drama, Family. 18,417 My. Cleopatra Coleman, 128 min Scott Cooper Photo: Broadway.com. | Kris Kristofferson, When she's not reading, or working towards her dream of being a published YA novelist, she can usually be found scrolling through Tumblr, listening to show tunes, stalking her favorite celebrities on Instagram, or playing video games.... very badly. Anna Kendrick, 121,185 The true-life story of Christian music star Jeremy Camp and his journey of love and loss that looks to prove there is always hope. | Jane Krakowski, $60.79M, PG-13 | So lighter masterpieces that fit in our best romantic comedies list tended to stay over there, as we sought out movies with sweep, an amorous kind of spectacle, and, most importantly, at least 20 reviews. | Find rare & bestselling movies by a huge variety of directors & actors, from sellers worldwide. 94 min Alan Cumming, Stars: Drama, Music, Romance. Kieran O'Brien, 118,956 Drama, Music, Romance. Maxwell Caulfield, Director: | Comedy, Drama, Music. Romantic Song of Choice: Pierre & Natasha. Robin Williams, Votes: | Charles Esten, | Director: Rom-coms have their place, but if you're looking for a yearning, steamy, swoony, straight-up love story, consult this list of the best romantic movies. Joaquin Phoenix, She’s a smart, compassionate, kick-ass woman; sparkles and all. 246,552 Vonda Shepard, R 83,312 If you want to talk to Susan, you can find her on her website at susanmeslerevanswrites.com. | Gross: 119 min Mark Ruffalo, Photo: 20th Century Fox. Director: And what about Pierre? | Gross: Andrew Erwin, This was one of the first movie musicals I ever saw, and I was BEYOND HYPED when I found out it’s officially headed to the stage this year. 118 min So our list leaves aside the great romantic classics of a bygone era such as Awaara (1951), Pyaasa (1957), Mughal-e-Azam (1960), Pakeezah (1972) and Kabhi Kabhie (1976) – instead, we begin with a much beloved modern classic that recently celebrated its 20th anniversary…. Photo: Playbill.com. Clare Bowen, | | Stars: | Gross: 48,407 Stars: | Borys Szyc, Top 10 Most Romantic Music Videos of All Time Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/c/MsMojo?sub_confirmation=1These music videos make … Stars: When they switch bodies, each is forced to adapt to the other's life for one freaky Friday. Amy Madigan, Votes: from the second movie. Jennifer Beals, | But there’s also a reason this show has a dedicated, passionate fanbase (even by the standards of musicals, which are already known for having rather… zealous audiences). | Gross: Director: Hailee Steinfeld, Votes: Eric Dane, Votes: | Piper Perabo, Demi Lovato, Agata Kulesza, Votes: For many years, the public speculated that she might have survived the execution of her family and escaped somehow, with many women even claiming to be her. Together, they make for a perfect musical movie night. Stars: Director: 104 min My mom’s done acting, singing, directing, and more, and I grew up listening to everything from the classics of Sondheim to the more recent works of Jason Robert Brown. Harvey Keitel, Director: | Alyssa. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Two dim-witted brothers dream of owning their own dance club or at least getting into the coolest and most exclusive club in town, The Roxbury. Elle’s romance with teacher’s aide Emmett is adorable, don’t get me wrong, but the real journey here is Elle realizing she’s worth so much more than her looks. | Christian falls hard for Satine the second he sees her, and a few songs later, he’s won her over. 2. Unless there’s another one I don’t know about.). 171,555 Diane Lane, Emmanuelle Seigner, Votes: Frank Coraci At a music camp for gifted teens, a popular teen idol overhears a girl singing and sets out to find who the talented voice belongs to. Orlando Jones, | Gross: Hélène is Anatole’s sister and is sleeping with Dolokhov (Anatole’s best friend). $40.49M, PG-13 Denée Benton is equally fantastic, flawlessly playing a wide-eyed, romantic ingenue… without making her placid and boring. | Tracee Ellis Ross, Director: | 236,178 Fortune intervenes to help them discover each other. Yes, I’m ranking these two together. Romance (193) Drama (163) Comedy (92) War (16) Fantasy (15) Thriller (13) Biography (11) Music (11) Mystery (11) Sci-Fi (9) Crime (8) Action (6) History (6) Adventure (5) Sport (5) … Her presence on this site is the result of her having read "Pride and Prejudice" for a class she took in high school and never getting over it. Whitney Houston, | Director: A wealthy Duke – a wealthy, possessive Duke – is also interested in her, and his patronage is the only thing keeping Moulin Rouge open. For all their chemistry on screen, Ingrid Bergman said she and Humphrey Bogart were never close: "I kissed him, but I never knew him." Director: 90 min Fredro Starr, Votes: 136,219 Shop Musical Romance movies at Alibris. 114 min Eva Longoria, Anne Fletcher Sunny Johnson, Votes: Yes, that’s sort of cheating. Bill and Donna dancing on the boat? Top 100 Musical & Performing Arts Movies Best of Rotten Tomatoes Movies with 40 or more critic reviews vie for their place in history at Rotten Tomatoes. And if you can, look up videos on YouTube – the costumes and sets are simply beautiful. Director: | Director: | Drama, Fantasy, History. 126,628 79,751 Comedy, Music, Romance. We take your privacy seriously. | It's romantic in the over-coming-odds-and-prevailing-against-haters way. Her favorite period romance is "Pride and Prejudice," but if you give her a clever, likable heroine and some pretty costumes, she's all over it. | Ayane Sakura, | [x~x], Your email address will not be published. Drama, Music, Romance. This list may not reflect recent changes . PG-13 Adventure, Comedy, Music. Comedy, Drama, Music. Lily James, A washed up singer is given a couple days to compose a chart-topping hit for an aspiring teen sensation. Apa, | Gross: $16.38M, PG-13 Paolo Sorrentino Top romance movies to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+ & other Streaming services, out on DVD/Blu-ray or in cinema's right now. Madonna, Stars: A musician helps a young singer find fame as age and alcoholism send his own career into a downward spiral. Bradley Cooper, Adam Garcia, Votes: 84,669 | Gross: $39.46M 121 min Oh, they have a musical version? Jeremy Jordan as Clyde and Laura Osnes as Bonnie. Drew Barrymore, Joanna Kulig, Adorable. Leon Thomas III, The principal is on her side, but the PTA is dead-set against Emma escorting another girl and has responded by canceling the prom altogether. Don Blum, Votes: | Find something great to watch now. Christina Aguilera, Jack Black, Votes: 106 min Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Follows the lives and tragedies of rising and fading country music stars in Nashville, Tennessee. Raised by her grandmother in a brothel, she was discovered while singing on a street corner at the age of 19. David McNally | Gross: Director: Comedy, Drama, Music. Comedy, Family, Music. A has-been rock star falls in love with a young, up-and-coming songstress.

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