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Harry was conceived about 10th December 1983, 40 weeks before Harry was born on 15th September 1984. In the snap, it is evident how Prince Charles looked just like his second son, Prince Harry… THESE are the jaw-dropping pictures that should finally answer whether or not James Hewitt is Prince Harry's dad. The uncanny resemblances stand out most in snaps of Harry in his army uniform and Philip in his navy outfit. Harry looks just like him. Prince Harry and Major James Hewitt (Image: Getty/PA) Last year Mr Hewitt was left fighting for his life after being struck down by a heart attack and … More On James Hewitt Only fans still refused to be persuaded – and we recently revealed the very pictures that continue to persuade fans of the wild claim. Saved by Susan Fischer. “Really did think harry wasn’t Charles son. “Prince Harry is not Prince Charles’s son and his biological dad is James Hewitt, who Diana confirmed to have had an affair with BUT apparently two years after Harry’s birth #SDconspiracytheories,” Anna Faith wrote. Take the case of Major James Hewitt, played by Russian actor Daniel Donskoy in The Crown.According to Hewitt's testimony in the controversial book Princess in Love, his affair with the princess reportedly lasted from 1986 to 1991. Princess Diana Photos. To understand why this rumour became so rampant, let’s take a quick look at Harry’s parents: Princess Diana and Prince Charles. In 2002, he released a statement announcing that, contrary to recurring speculation, he … news.com.au March 13, 2017 5:47pm Video They share the same nose, eyes, mouth and most gobsmacking of all – the same beard. The “James Hewitt is Prince Harry’s dad” rumor is like the posh British version of the “O.J. James Lifford Hewitt (born 30 April 1958) is a British former cavalry officer in the British Army.He came to public attention in the mid-1990s after he disclosed an affair with Diana, Princess of Wales, while she was still married to the heir apparent to the throne of the United Kingdom, Prince Charles. Photo: Getty Images/Joe Giddins. Our. "For five years he was as available and attentive as a medieval troubadour," Tina Brown wrote in The Diana … Hewitt even allowed himself to be hypnotised and ‘taken back’ to his Diana days for prime time TV on Channel 5. “Harry is the absolute double of James Hewitt, the nose, a lot,” another user added. Many have commented in the past of the resemblance Harry's red hair has to Mr Hewitt's as evidence that he was Harry's real father. In this photo,  Prince Harry and Hewitt looked very similar due to their hair color. The National Enquirer further reports that Mark was the first person Harry introduced to … Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. He's [sic] must be Harry's father,” another user commented. But now we are revealing stunning photos that should finally blow the claim out of the water and put a barrier up to the flood of speculation. Plus, they have the same eyes and nose. His funeral service will take place in St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle and he will be buried at Frogmore Gardens, Man strangles mum of his child after she refuses to make him a sandwich, Michael David Jones, 43, of Deganwy, Conwy, is behind bars after telling police he launched his brutal assault after he "felt disrespected" by his ex for not making him a sandwich, Russian president Vladimir Putin sends message of condolence to the Queen after Prince Philip's death, The Russian president has sent his "deepest condolences" to the Queen as he joined world leaders paying their respects to the Duke of Edinburgh following his death aged 99, 'Lost golden city' of ancient Egypt that's 3,400-years-old found under sand, Archeologists are digging entire neighbourhoods of "Egypt's Pompeii" out of the sand near Luxor. Photo credit: Getty Images But sources told The National ENQUIRER that James Hewitt — now despised by his countrymen for going public with his sordid affair — can prove that he and Diana began their affair long before the birth of Prince Harry. “Harry is the absolute double of James Hewitt, the nose, a lot,” another user added. But it doesn’t end there – Harry and his grandad even appear to have that same cheeky grin which result in bizarrely similar wrinkles. Harry was born on September 15, 1984, which means he was conceived around Christmas 1983, when his brother, William, was 18 months old. Military man, Major James Hewitt was embroiled in one of the biggest royal scandals of the last century, when he had an affair with the Princess of Wales, Diana, during her marriage to Prince Charles. Diana did not meet James Hewitt until the summer of … According to Nicholas Bieber of Daily Star, this is due to photos showing the two’s uncanny similarities. James Hewitt would, however, come back into Harry’s life in the most dramatic fashion. Simpson is Khloe Kardashian’s dad” that just won’t go away. When the Prince of Wales turned 70 years old last month, the palace showed a number of photos featuring the next king while he was growing up. (She was married to Charles from 1981 to 1996.) Shape of face is the same. Philip appeared to love smiling as a young naval man, just like Harry, THERE IT IS: The Mountbatten smile being sported by Harry, JAW-DROPPING: The similarities between Philip and Harry are stunning, LIKE GRANDAD, LIKE GRANDSON: The similar outfits worn by the pair only adds to the similarities, UNSHAVEN: Without the beard Philip still looks like Harry – from the nose to the mouth, OLDER PHILIP: Even in Philip's older age he has retained the same looks that smack of Harry, PUT TO BED: These pictures should finally end those wild Hewitt claims, PROUD: Philip's hardworking attitude is also seen in Harry, PASSIONATE: Harry's hard graft in his army days were seen in Philip's naval days, BOY PHILIP: The Duke of Edinburgh as a schoolboy starring in a play, TEENAGE HARRY: The Duke of Sussex even reminds you of his grandad as a young lad, Subscribe to Daily Star and Daily Star On Sunday newspapers, PHIL’S BEST GAFFES: Duke’s finest blunders and most shocking quotes – including a savage Tom Jones dig, They say some people have the gift of the gab, but for Prince Philip he definitely had the gift of the gaffe, Eamonn Holmes finally discovers cause of chronic pain after living 'waking nightmare', This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes has spent the past few weeks living with chronic pain, undergoing medical testing to get to the root of the problem, US rapper DMX dies aged 50 a week after suffering major heart attack, American rapper DMX, known best for his hit song X Gon' Give It to Ya, has died at the age of 50, after a recent heart attack left him in a critical condition in hospital, Lewis Hamilton shares emotional tribute to DMX as rapper dies after heart attack, Lewis Hamilton is one of several celebrities to pay tribute to American rapper DMX after passing away at 50 years old, having been left in a critical condition following a heart attack, Prince Philip's emotional promise to Harry and William before walking behind Diana's coffin, An emotional Prince Philip, who died on April 9 at the age of 99, told Prince Harry and Prince William 'I’ll walk if you walk' behind their mother Princess Diana's coffin when they didn't know if they could do it, UK holidaymakers could be forced to pay over £400 for Covid test costs, The government has said international travel is likely to open up from mid May, but holidaymakers will need to add the price of expensive Covid tests to their Summer break budget, State funeral details for Prince Philip revealed as Queen begins 8 days of mourning, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, has died aged 99. “How come Prince Harry has the same birthmark as James Hewitt?” one commented. Their striking similarities are also undeniable in a viral photo that’s been shared on Twitter. But after seeing that pic of Charles with the beard. “Looking at James Hewitt. The Daily Star's FREE newsletter is spectacular! Although these pictures should finally prove that Prince Charles really is Harry’s dad – recent history shows some people will simply never be convinced. Sign up today for the best stories straight to your inbox. They also have the same pointed nose and smile. A throwback photo of Prince Charles when he was just a young boy has just been released. Fans described the snap at the time as “dead ringer”, “spot on”, “doppelgänger… even their teeth”, “they look so much alike” and “it’s crazy how much they look alike”. “The nose, the hair, the face in general - more than a bit alike, aren’t they ...,” another person wrote. Prince Harry & James Hewitt When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Prince Harry & James Hewitt. THE WINDSORS ARE FAKE “royals” & WINSOR IS AN ASSUMED NAME. You can unsubscribe at any time. Shape of face is the same. Yet Daily Star Online previously revealed how Harry actually gets his locks from a member of Diana’s family who had the same hair. Pictured: Prince Harry waves as he leaves Nottingham's new Central Police Station on Oct. 26, 2016 in Nottingham, England. "Prince Harry is the biological son of Prince Charles and carries the red hair of the Spencer family, although Princess Diana was a blond. It also shows him growing another beard when Her Maj sent him on his first royal tour of Africa and Asia in 1957 – and he has never looked more like Harry. Who's The Queen’s Favorite Between Princes William, Harry? One person posted: “Looking at James Hewitt. Usually, thanks to some new interview, it resurfaces every few months or years, receiving a brief news cycle before returning to the storage bin of celebrity rumors and conspiracy theories where it remains the rest of the time. Harry & James Hewitt . “I never thought Harry looked like Charles until I saw the photo with Charles with a beard! Happy Birthday!” a netizen wrote. The facial structure, including the brow and the jaw, are identical. 148. They show Prince Charles’ dad and Harry’s graddad Prince Philip as a young man – when he looked the exact spit of grandson Harry. The drama – which chronicles the life of the Queen from the 1940s – showed a young Philip, played by actor Matt Smith, bearing a beard during his navy days. James Hewitt at his London home, claiming he first spoke publicly about his five-year affair with Diana, Princess of Wales, because she told him to. Unearthed photo exposes Prince Charles’ ‘rough’ duel with James Hewitt - PICTURES ... "A simple comparison of dates proves it is impossible for Hewitt to be Harry’s father. THOSE who insist Prince Harry’s father must be James Hewitt because of their family resemblance are missing a vital piece of the puzzle. . The Truth Behind Those Rumors That James Hewitt Is Secretly Prince Harry’s Dad Okay, but for real, they are IDENTICAL. The suggestion that Harry was James Hewitt's son was the one thing that really angered the late princess. James Hewitt is pictured in the back of a car as he leaves a London police station, July 22, 2004. Something went wrong, please try again later. The only 'evidence' that Harry is James Hewitt's son seems be that they both have red hair and have been photographed in profile. Prince Harry Rejects Meghan Markle’s Dad’s Apology. James Hewitt, Prince Harry and Prince Charles Credit: Photo: PA; Getty Images A controversial new play about Princess Diana will reignite rumours that Prince Charles is not Prince Harry… However, he added that Princess Harry was already a toddler when he met Princess Diana. He already denied it, but the conspiracy theories surrounding Hewitt and Prince Harry’s paternity never die. Prince Harry, with his red hair and strong jaw line, looks an awful lot like James Hewitt, the man his mother famously had an affair with. However, some changed their minds after seeing a young bearded photo of Prince Charles. Diana did not meet James Hewitt until the summer of 1986." Princess Diana’s former royal bodyguard, Ken Wharfe, confessed that the issue angered the People’s Princess “greatly.” “Harry was born on 15 September 1984. There is ample evidence that Harry, born September 15th 1984, was conceived over Christmas 1983, which the Royal Family then spent at Windsor before travelling on to Sandringham for the annual shoots on the estate. Check out Prince Harry and James Hewitt’s side by side photos that convinced royal fans that the latter is the former’s biological father. James Hewitt Hewitt, ... Diana to use naked photos of Prince Harry and James Hewitt to back up rumours Hewitt is Harry’s real father. However, some changed their minds after seeing a young bearded photo of Prince Charles. Diana did not meet James until the summer of 1986, and the red hair, gossips so love to cite as proof is, of course, a Spencer trait,” Wharfe wrote in his book “Diana: Closely Guarded Secret.”, Check out Prince Harry and James Hewitt’s side by side photos that convinced royal fans that the latter is the former’s biological father. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Harry also has the same reddish hair. In response to the conspiracy theories, Hewitt recognized their similar hair color. !#HarryMeghanOprah — John Tierney (@tierney_tyre) March 8, 2021. Captain James Hewitt does not have any children of his own, but some theorists hypothesise he is the real father of Prince Harry By Alex Nelson Monday, 8th March 2021, 11:01 am “It drove her wild with fury,” says TMR publisher and Diana's official biographer, Andrew Morton. Other comments are “spitting image of his grandfather” and “wow at first glance thought it was Harry.”. The suggestion that Harry was James Hewitt's son was the one thing that really angered the late princess. Harry looks just like him. Yes, once upon a time Philip sported a beard, and royal fans were recently reminded of this on Netflix series The Crown. Prince Harry & James Hewitt. Former Army officer James Hewitt (right) and Prince Harry (Photo by Daily Mail/Getty Images) A new play based on interviews with James Hewitt … Major James Hewitt … Princess Diana Photos Princess Diana Family Princes Diana Prince And Princess English Royal Family ... Princess Diana Photos. Prince Harry – "my father stopped taking my calls" I honestly didn't know he was in touch with Major James Hewitt in the first place! James Hewitt in 1995, the former lover of Princess Diana. Many believe that the Duke of Sussex’s real dad was Princess Diana’s lover James Hewitt. Pictured: Prince Harry waves as he leaves Nottingham's new Central Police Station on Oct. 26, 2016 in Nottingham, England. James Hewitt, one-time lover of Britain's late Princess Diana, has been freed on bail after being arrested overnight at a west London bar on suspicion of possessing illegal drugs, police said on Thursday. This really points to James Hewitt as Harry’s father. Prince Harry’s real father has always been an issue to some. END OF THE SUBJECT? He's must be Harry's father.” And it is one particular feature that continues to convince fans of the stunning claim – his ginger hair. 'Diana didn't know James Hewitt when Harry was born,' Paul revealed. 'She hadn't yet met James.' It is endlessly fuelled by photos of the pair which coincidentally happen to show them with similar facial features. Although these pictures should finally prove that Prince Charles really is Harry’s dad – recent history shows some people will simply never be convinced. Yet the pictures of the pair happening to look alike have been cherry picked by believers – being endlessly shared on social media to spread the belief. “People are still questioning Harry’s parentage, they can stop after seeing Charles in a beard,” one commented on the post. Wow uncanny!” another user said. Prince William’s First Project As King Will Be For Princess Diana, South China Sea Heats Up As US Amphibious Assault Ship Joins Flotilla Amid China Intrusion, Pfizer Seeks Covid Vaccine Authorization For 12-15 Year Olds In US, Costco's Food Courts Are Making A Comeback, Adventures In Transformative Venture Capitalism, The Power Of Knowledge — And The Leaders Who Spread It, The Invisible Hand Up: Windfall Profits Await Companies Who Employ The ‘Unemployable’. It is the biggest city ever found in Egypt and was used by boy king Tutankhamun, This Morning dramatically halted as news breaks of Prince Philip's death, Television presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford were forced to cut This Morning short on Friday afternoon following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, Top Russian official warns Ukraine of 'shot in the face' in chilling Kremlin threat, US ships and aircraft are being rushed to the area as Russian "defensive" measures in the region look increasingly like an invasion fleet and missile launchers of the kind that downed MH17 mass on the Ukrainian border. Daily Star Online previously reported how one particular image of Philip left royal fans stunned – so much so people mistook the image for being that of Harry. Diana met Hewitt in the summer of 1986. The wild claim that Princess Diana’s lover is the actual father of Meghan Markle’s husband has refused to go away. One particular shot showed Prince Charles with a beard just like Prince Harry’s. This is Prince Harry, AKA Henry Charles Albert David, fifth in line to the British royal throne, and youngest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana: Hewitt has, however, denied that he could possibly be Prince Harry’s father. hmmm....dies makes one think, although I think it's coincidence. The Duke of Sussex has been dogged all his life by the conspiracy theory that Hewitt is his father – not Prince Charles. These pictures should prove who Harry's dad is, SEEING DOUBLE: Prince Philip looked identical to Harry as a young man when he had a beard, SNAP: This snap of Harry sporting his beard is incredibly alike to that of a young Philip, RARE: Philip only grew a beard twice in his lifetime, BEARDY: Philip grew a beard during his army days, then during his first solo royal tour, DOPPELGANGER: Harry is the spit of his grandad Philip, ALL SMILES: A young and happy Philip with his wife the Queen, SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: This snap of Harry has so many similarities to that of Philip, CHEESY GRIN: Even Philip's smile reminds you of his grandson Harry, SAY CHEESE!

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