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Extensive faulting and erosion over time have produced a wide range of topographic features. The largest of the three groups is the population of Sinhalese people. The total population of the island is over 20 million people, and rapidly expanding. In 2009 came the end of a long Sri Lankan Civil War between Sinhalese and Tamils. There are over one and a half million people in this group. . In 1965, Ceylon became the world's leading exporter of tea, with 200,000 tonnes of tea being shipped internationally annually. The mountains and the southwestern part of the country, known as the "wet zone," receive ample rainfall (an annual average of 2500 millimeters). The orange stripe represents the Sri Lankan Tamils and the green stripe represents the Sri Lankan Moors. The south-central part of Sri Lanka—the rugged Central Highlands—is the heart of the country. In 1972, Ceylon changed its name officially to the Republic of Sri Lanka, and is still a member of the Commonwealth.[13]. Coordinates: 7°00′N 81°00′E / 7.000°N 81.000°E / 7.000; 81.000Sri Lanka: A country study. Most of those killed were Sri Lankan nationals but there were also thirty one foreigners who died, including limestone, graphite, mineral sands, gems, phosphates, clay, hydropower, Natural hazards: The natural vegetation of the dry zone has adapted to the annual change from flood to drought. In earlier times, when villagers had access to plentiful forests that separated settlements from each other, slash-and-burn agriculture was a standard technique. In the north, east, and southeast, the rivers feed numerous artificial lakes or reservoirs (tanks) that store water during the dry season. South of Adam's Peak lie the parallel ridges of the Rakwana Hills, with several peaks over 1,400 meters. The first is from mid-May to October, when winds originate in the southwest, bringing moisture from the Indian Ocean. The second largest group is the Tamil people. Jurassic sediments are present today in very small areas near the western coast and Miocene limestones underlie the northwestern part of the country and extend south in a relatively narrow belt along the west coast. Sri Lanka was placed in the group with Malaysia and Bangladesh. Are țărmuri la: Golful Bengal, în est, Oceanul Indian în sud și vest și Strâmtoarea Palk în nord-est, care o separă de India. The life-sustaining rice fields begin where the houses end and stretch into the distance. Lebih dari tiga perempat wilayah negara ini berada pada ketinggian di atas 200 meter di atas permukaan laut dan sebagian besar berupa daerah perbukitan. The theory of plate tectonics suggests that these rocks and related rocks forming most of south India were part of a single southern landmass called Gondwanaland. Its coastline is 1,340 km long. other: (Pidurutalagala is the highest at 2,524 m) At the plateau's southern end, mountain ranges stretch 50 kilometers to the west toward Adam's Peak (2,243 meters) and 50 kilometers to the east toward Namunakula (2,036 m). Sri Lanka's climate can be described as tropical, and quite hot. For centuries, Sri Lanka has been a popular place of attraction for foreign travelers. Beginning about 200 million years ago, forces within the Earth's mantle began to separate the lands of the Southern Hemisphere, and a crustal plate supporting both India and Sri Lanka moved toward the northeast. About 45 million years ago, the Indian plate collided with the Asian landmass, raising the Himalayas in northern India, and continuing to advance slowly to the present time. 52.8 cubic km, Natural resources: During the 1970s and 1980s, large-scale projects dammed the Mahaweli Ganga and neighboring streams to create large lakes along their courses. Much of the coast consists of scenic sandy beaches indented by coastal lagoons. Sri Lanka em i wanpela kantri long Esia. Humidity is typically higher in the southwest and mountainous areas and depends on the seasonal patterns of rainfall. O Sri Lanka reivindica uma Zona Econômica Exclusiva (ZEE) que se estende por 200 milhas náuticas, que é aproximadamente 6,7 vezes a área terrestre do Sri Lanka. Zemljevidi. On the left of the flag there are the colors green and saffron. Malaysia won the match by 2–0. Sri Lanka does not experience earthquakes or major volcanic events because it rides on the center of the plate. In the southeast, a red, lateritic soil covers relatively level ground that is studded with bare, monolithic hills. The origins of the Sri Lankan Civil War lie in the continuous political rancor between the majority Sinhalese and the minority Tamils. 15.24% Sci. This area includes Sri Lanka's highest mountains. Much of the rain in these areas falls from October to January; during the rest of the year there is very little precipitation, and all living creatures must conserve precious moisture. Sri Lanka (singalesisk: ශ්‍රී ලංකා; tamil: இலங்கை) er en sydasiatisk østat beliggende i Det Indiske Ocean.Landet ligger sydøst for Indien og er bestående af en større ø og et antal småøer. Day and night temperatures may vary by 4 to 7 °C (7.2 to 12.6 °F). Proximity to the Indian subcontinent has facilitated close cultural interaction between Sri Lanka and India from ancient times. Kryeqyteti Sri Jayawardenapura-Kotte, të cilit një president i vuri emrin e tij, është një periferi e qytetit më të madh, Kolombo. Some irrigated fields may include other cash crops, such as sugarcane, or groves of coconut trees. In the highlands, river courses are frequently broken by discontinuities in the terrain, and where they encounter escarpments, numerous waterfalls and rapids have eroded a passage. Zgodovina. IPA(key): /sɹiˈlɑːŋkə/, /sɹiˈlæŋkə/, /ʃɹiˈlɑːŋkə/ The initial consonant cluster /sɹ/ is often pronounced as /ʃɹ/ because there are native English words that begin with /ʃɹ/, but none that begin with /sɹ/. The typical ground cover is scrub forest, interspersed with tough bushes and cactuses in the driest areas. The Sri Lanka flag is also known as the Lion flag because of the Lion on it. To conserve water, trees have thick bark; most have tiny leaves, and some drop their leaves during this season. There are 25 districts in the country. According to temple records, this natural causeway was formerly complete, but was breached by a violent storm (probably a cyclone) in 1480. Tourism in Sri Lanka is growing rapidly. Several hundred kilometers of canals, most of which were built by the Dutch in the 18th century, link inland waterways in the southwestern part of Sri Lanka. Most of the island's surface consists of plains between 30 and 200 meters above sea level. The kings of the island, and eventually most of the Sinhalese people, became Buddhists. The Chinese traveler Fa-Hien visited Sri Lanka as early as the 410's AD/CE, and in the twelfth century, Italian explorer Marco Polo claimed Sri Lanka to be the "best island of its size in … Sri Lanka, formellt Demokratiska socialistiska republiken Sri Lanka, är en östat i Sydasien, belägen sydöst om Indien.Sri Lanka har runt tjugo miljoner invånare och består av en stor tropisk ö (oftast kallad Ceylon) samt ett antal småöar.. Sri Lanka var en brittisk koloni från 1796. Beginning in the 16th century and culminating during the British rule of the 19th and 20th centuries, the plantation economy came to dominate large sections of the highlands. The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is a tropical island nation off the southeast coast of the Indian subcontinent. Lastly, rubber plantations were started in the early 20th century. The southwestern interior contains the only large remnants of the original forests of the wet zone. The northwest coast is part of the deep Cauvery (Kaveri) River Basin of southeast India, which has been collecting sediments from the highlands of India and Sri Lanka since the breakup of Gondwanaland. [14][15], From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, ශ්‍රී ලංකා ප්‍රජාතාන්ත්‍රික සමාජවාදී ජනරජය. The main island of Sri Lanka has an area of 65,268 km2; it is the twenty-fifth largest island of the world by area. Legend has it that Buddha visited the island three times. Sri Lanka, formerly called "Ceylon", is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, southeast of the Indian subcontinent, in a strategic location near major Indian Ocean sea lanes. Their language is Sinhala. On April 21, 2019, bombings hit churches and hotels and left at least 290 people dead and 500 injured in the cities of There is a crimson background with four leaves in each corner. Separate fishing settlements expanded laterally along the coast, linked by a coastal highway and a railway. Norsk bokmål: Den demokratiske sosialistiske republikken Sri Lanka (kjent som Ceylon før 1972) er en tropisk øystat sør for det indiske subkontinent. The rainfall pattern is influenced by the monsoon winds of the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal and is marked by four seasons. Sri Lanka është një prodhues i rëndësishëm i çajit, kafesë, gurëve të çmuar, arrave të kokosit, gomës dhe kanellës. In the 1980s, it was possible to drive for many kilometers along the southwest coast without finding a break in the string of villages and bazaar centers merging into each other and into towns. deforestation; soil erosion; wildlife populations threatened by poaching and urbanization; coastal degradation from mining activities and increased pollution; freshwater resources being polluted by industrial wastes and sewage runoff; waste disposal; air pollution in Colombo. In the 1960s and 1970s, the wet cultivation area was expanding rapidly, as the government implemented large-scale irrigation projects to restore the dry zone to agricultural productivity. The mobility of the coastal population during colonial times and after independence led to an increase in the size and number of villages, as well as to the development of growing urban centers with outside contacts. As a result o its location in the path o major sea routes, Sri Lanka is a strategic naval link atween Wast Asie an Sootheast Asie. Once they reach the plain, the rivers slow down and the waters meander across flood plains and deltas. [1] Dozens of offshore islands account for the remaining 342 km2 area. 13.96% Individual houses also may have vegetable gardens in their compounds. Through such projects, the government of Sri Lanka has planned to recreate in the dry zone the lush, landscape associated with the irrigation works in ancient Sri Lanka. The land descends from the Central Highlands to a series of escarpments and ledges at 400 to 500 meters above sea level before sloping down toward the coastal plains. The nation has a total area of 65,612 km2, with 62,707 km2 of land and 2,905 km2 of water. In the east and the north, the plain is flat, dissected by long, narrow ridges of granite running from the Central Highlands. Buddhist missionaries arrived from India in 250 BC during the time period of King Devanampiyatissa. Other than these three main groups , there are burghers (descendants of colonial ancestors) , malays and chinese. Sri Lanka em i gat 21.203.000 manmeri (2016). Anuradhapura experiences a daytime low of 60% during the intermonsoonal month of March, but a high of 79% during the November and December rains. Since then tourism has rapidly grown as a source of foreign investment and currency. The second season occurs in October and November, the intermonsoonal months. Sri Lanka lost the game 1–0. Sri Lanka v. 8, p. 75-85, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Joshua Calder's World Island Info – Largest Islands of the World", Integrating urban agriculture and forestry into climate change action plans: Lessons from Sri Lanka, Southwestern Sri Lanka rivers and streams,, Articles needing additional references from October 2018, All articles needing additional references, Wikipedia articles incorporating text from the World Factbook, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 April 2021, at 16:52. The highest point is Pidurutalagala at 2,524.13 m (8,281.3 ft). 70.8% (2005), Total renewable water resources: Various adaptations to the dry conditions have developed. Text … At Colombo, for example, daytime humidity stays above 70% all year, rising to over 90% percent during the monsoon season in June. The government has attempted to preserve sanctuaries for natural vegetation and animal life, however. Three zones are distinguishable by elevation: the Central Highlands, the plains, and the coastal belt. Adam's Bridge, a land connection to the Indian mainland, is now mostly submerged with only a chain of limestone shoals remaining above sea level. About 2.5 million people live here. Kapitol long emi Colombo. The British traded as the others had done, but also developed plantations of coffee and tea. Sri Lanka Matha was first performed at an official ceremony on 4 February 1949 at the Independence Memorial Hall in Torrington Square during the national day ceremony. This page was last edited on 6 Novemba 2017, at 03:10. The typical settlement pattern in the rice-growing areas is a compact group of houses or neighborhood surrounding one or several religious centers that serve as the focus for communal activities. Federal Research Division. The island was subject to waves of European settlement and eventually colonisation. On 21 April 2019, Easter Sunday, three churches in Sri Lanka and three luxury hotels in the commercial capital, Colombo, were targeted in a series of coordinated Islamist terrorist suicide bombings. There are 16 principal rivers longer than 100 kilometers in length, with twelve of them carrying about 75% of the mean river discharge in the entire country. cities of Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa. Until the 13th century, the village farming communities were mainly on the northern plains around Anuradhapura and then Polonnaruwa, but they later shifted to the southwest. In the southwest, ridges and valleys rise gradually to merge with the Central Highlands, giving a dissected appearance to the plain. The pattern of life in Sri Lanka depends directly on the availability of rainwater. Extensive erosion in this area has worn down the ridges and deposited rich soil for agriculture downstream. The coastal belt surrounding the island contains a different settlement pattern that has evolved from older fishing villages. Natural resources include limestone, graphite, mineral sands, gems, phosphates, clay, and hydropower. බෙන්නු ක්ෂුද්‍ර ග්‍රහලෝකය වෙත ගොඩබස්වන ලද ඔසයිරිස්-රෙක්ස් ඒෂණිය විසින් නියැදියක් රැස් කර ගන්නා ලදි. In the northeast and the southwest, where the coast cuts across the stratification of the crystalline rocks, rocky cliffs, bays, and offshore islands can be found; these conditions have created one of the world's best natural harbors at Trincomalee on the northeast coast, and a smaller rock harbor at Galle on the southwestern coast. Most of these rivers are short. eight British, eight Indian, two Turkish, two Australian, one Bangladeshi, one Portuguese and four American nationals. It should also be noted that, despite the fact that /s/ is the only sibilant native to Sinhalese, the Sanskrit honorific that the … 1. When water is absent, the plains of the dry zone are dominated by browns and grays. During the third season, December to March, monsoon winds come from the northeast, bringing moisture from the Bay of Bengal. Sri Lanka (Sinhalese: ශ්‍රී ලංකා Śrī Laṃkā; Tamil: இலங்கை Ilaṅkai), formerly known as Ceylon, is in South Asia.. Sri Lanka's climate includes tropical monsoons: the northeast monsoon (December to March), and the southwest monsoon (June to October). Slovenščina: Demokratična socialistična republika Šri lanka (pred letom 1972 znana kot Cejlon) je tropska otoška država ob jugovzhodni obali Indijske podceline. The Sri Lankan Civil War against Tamil separatists lasted 28 years. Topographical map of SriLanka. Sri Lanka failed to score a goal in this tournament. [12], Independence from the British was got in 1948, together with Dominion status in the British Commonwealth of Nations. It was South Asia's oldest democracy. Its position between 5 and 10 north latitude endows the country with year-round warm weather, moderated by ocean winds and considerable moisture. There are about 2,271,000 Tamils in Sri Lanka. Montane vegetation at the highest altitudes tends to be stunted and windswept. Sometimes the houses may be situated along a major road and include a few shops, or the village may include several outlying hamlets. It was South Asia's oldest democracy. The formation is also known as Rama's Bridge, as according to Hindu mythology, it was constructed during the rule of Lord Rama. It also brought about a changed life-style, as the last hunting-and-gathering societies retreated into smaller areas and laborers moved into the highlands to work on plantations. The tea plantations were the basis of Sri Lankan prosperity for a hundred years. They make up about 75% of the population. The arid northwest and southeast coasts receive the least amount of rain—600 to 1200 mm per year—concentrated within the short period of the winter monsoon. … They use Tamil as their language today. According to officials a Sri Lankan group called National Thowheed Jamath was behind the attacks. Kultúra: Dr. Balás Péter: Srí Lanka, 1984; Közlekedés: Ez a szócikk részben vagy egészben a Transport in Sri Lanka című angol Wikipédia-szócikk fordításán alapul. Lukim tu. Flanking the high central ridges are two lower plateaus. Among the trees of the dry-land forests are some valuable species, such as satinwood, ebony, ironwood, and mahogany. When these winds encounter the slopes of the Central Highlands, they unload heavy rains on the mountain slopes and the southwestern sector of the island. Sri Lanka is a republic an a unitary state which is governed bi a semi-presidential seestem wi its offeecial seat o government in Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte, the caipital . Sri Lanka has three main ethnic groups. The anthem was given full constitutional recognition in the 1978 Second Republican Constitution. … Plantation farming resulted in a drastic reduction in the natural forest cover and the substitution of domesticated crops, such as rubber, tea, or cinnamon. Sri Lankan demokraattinen sosialistinen tasavalta eli Sri Lanka (”ylevä maa”) on saarivaltio Intian valtameressä Intian eteläpuolella. During this season, periodic squalls occur and sometimes tropical cyclones bring overcast skies and rains to the southwest, northeast, and eastern parts of the island. The granulite facies rocks of the Highland Series (gneisses, sillimanite-graphite gneisses, quartzite, marbles, and some charnockites) make up most of the island and the amphibolite facies gneisses, granites, and granitic gneisses of the Vinjayan Series occur in the eastern and southeastern lowlands. In the Central Highlands around Kandy, villagers faced with limited flat land have developed intricately terraced hillsides where they grow rice. La República Democrática Socialista de Sri Lanka (Tamil: இலங்கை சனநாயக சோஷலிசக் குடியரசு, Cingalés:), ye un país insular allugáu al sureste d'India n'Asia.Hasta 1972 yera denomáu Ceilán, orixinalmente conocíu como Heladiva, y ta habitada con más de venti millones de persones, Anuradhapura, ye la so capital, ciudá moderna y urbana. The four leaves represents Karuna, Meththa, Muditha and Upeksha. Introducing Sri Lanka Overview of the country from Lonely Planet. When water becomes available, either during the wet season or through proximity to rivers and lakes, the vegetation explodes into shades of green with a wide variety of beautiful flowers. As expanding population and commercial pressures reduced the amount of available forestland, however, slash-and-burn cultivation steadily declined in favor of permanent cultivation by private owners. The largest offshore island, Mannar Island, leads to Adam's Bridge. Aside from recent deposits along river valleys, only two small fragments of Jurassic (140 to 190 million years ago) sediment occur in Puttalam District, while a more extensive belt of Miocene (5 to 20 million years ago) limestone is found along the northwest coast, overlain in many areas by Pleistocene (1 million years ago) deposits. Sri Lanka, Dymokratyčno Socyjalistyčno Republika Sri Lanki – państwo we Azyje Pouedńowyj, na wyspje Cejlůn (pod mjanym Cejlon znone do 1972) wroz s myńšymi přibřežnymi wyspůma.Uoddźelůne uod Půuwyspu Indyjskigo ćeśńinům Palk a zatokům Mannar.Uod wschodu uoblewane bez Zatoka Byngalsko, uod pouedńo uotwartym Uoceanym Indyjskym. More than 90% of Sri Lanka's surface lies on Precambrian strata, some of it dating back 2 billion years. Key Development Forecasts for Sri Lanka from International Futures. Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena elected as the New Speaker", "Census of Population and Housing 2011 Enumeration Stage February–March 2012", "World Economic Outlook Database, October 2019",,, Official web portal of the Government of Sri Lanka, Collection of slides of Sri Lanka, University of Pennsylvania library, NIGHANTAYA | The Environment Friendly E Community | Sri Lanka, St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands,, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2013, Articles containing explicitly cited English-language text, Articles containing Sinhala-language text, Pages using infobox country or infobox former country with the symbol caption or type parameters, Articles with dead external links from January 2021, Articles with permanently dead external links, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. The southwest contains most of the people, and villages are densely clustered with little unused land. The history of Sri Lanka is intertwined with the history of the broader Indian subcontinent and the surrounding regions, comprising the areas of South Asia, Southeast Asia and Indian Ocean. arable land: The northeastern slopes of the mountains may be inundated with up to 1,250 mm (49.2 in) of rain during these months. The roots of the modern conflict lie in the British colonial rule when the country was known as Ceylon. Most of them are Buddhist. The average temperature ranges from a low of 16 °C (60.8 °F) in Nuwara Eliya in the Central Highlands (where frost may occur for several days in the winter) to a high of 32 °C (89.6 °F) in Trincomalee on the northeast coast (where temperatures may reach 38 °C or 100.4 °F).

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