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I bought this locally when I fell behind on my normal mail order. All the bodkin Riff Bourbon brands are great. great quality cigars!! Have smoked it for years; yet to find anything better. It is light on your throat as you inhale and taste the flavor. Glove World Maze 11. This blend has changed several times over the years, the current version is much like I remember many years ago. Have smoked for over 30 years. i have enjoyed this brand for many years. My old standby never disappoints me. Amateur's review on Borkum Riff's Bourbon Whiskey. Standing Generator's Charmer, The Foundation Gold, Majestic River, Paint's Cotton and Showdown At Sunrise. While the literal translation of bánh mì is “bread,” the term is commonly used to refer to a Vietnamese sandwich served on a baguette or similar French bread.. Borkum Riff Bourbon Whiskey is a traditional Cavendish tobacco made of ripe, sweet Virginias and mellow Burleys, finished with the flavor of warm and tangy eight-year-aged Kentucky bourbon whiskey. Learn to play bass on E-chords with some chords, tabs, video lesson and tutorials for Bass Guitar Due to a certain cast member who will remain nameless (OK, it’s the guy who says “Lisa looks hot tonight” during Johnny’s birthday party) we’re unable to release that live show on our site. This was a #4 hit in the US for Ike & Tina Turner in 1971, and a highlight of their live shows. But this studio MP3 of the live show is the next best thing! Consider it a “Special Edition” MP3. Thumbs up. I am very impressed with how fast the Borkum Riff came after I ordered it from you. Set sail with the most Superb Ship on the 7 Seas, Ive crossed waves and kraken with other ships and other captains, but Borkum is the only Banner i fly, i need a borkum riff candle of bourbon and whiskey. I've used this for close to 40 years. Excellent Gentleman's tobacco. Ok for those who want a non sweet taste. It is always too moist and so I let it dry some before I smoke it. I still enjoy trying different blends and varieties, but this is, and probably always will be, my favorite! With hands-on knowledge of the afterlife, some people believe that this proves the absence of continuity of self. Peter Buck’s riff hits like a jump cut to a dead body. The rumor mill is churning in Turnpike Troubadours land.. A few days ago, Turnpike steel guitar player Hank Early got on the Turnpike subreddit to announce that he and bassist RC Edwards have finished RC & the Ambers’ solo record, Big Country.. Glove Hit (SFX) 9. He says it taste real good and smells good and he really enjoys smoking it. been smoking it for 30+ years, tried other , but always come back to Borkum Riff. I may have came across a bad pouch. I like Drew Estate, Sutliff Molto Dulce and McClelland's 221b but still like this way better. It kept it's aromatic touch almost to the end as well. A nice semi sweet flavor and a good aroma. I am new to pipes and before I tried this tobacco I thought I would just smoke a pipe as a cheap alternative to cigars. Been smoking this brand for a lot of years but is hard to find locally. This is a nice smoke. I've smoked this brand since the early '70's (it was thirty-seven cents for a pouch back then) and It's always been my favorite. Guitar Blast (SFX) 13. Corporations would be paying options on souls for experimental use which would bring religious and philosophical debate into the courtroom. Consistent quality, smooth smoke. Stays lit better if left to dry for a half hour or so. Still a classic today. Very little tongue bite, which is probably due to my cadence. Smoke hot if you are a fast puffer. Been using it for years. I noticed it and then without my prompting so did my wife. Will continue to buy it and pipe and Tabacco website is amazing. It taste good and does not burn my throat That’s the best thing about it. Nice artisanal, smooth flavor. Rockin Relax 3. I'm new to pipe smoking, so my palate and tobacco choices have been limited. “Do I Wanna Know” is the first single from AM, premiered live at the Ventura Theatre, CA on May 22, 2013. enjoy a relaxing smike in this overstreaaws world. I have enjoyed Borkum for 40 years, All these products are worth the price. It is my go to pouch. I’m sure each person’s tastes are different, however, I find Borkum Riff stimulates my taste buds perfectly. Every teacher claims 'this will save you years of practice' but yours actually do." He likes the way it smells he likes the taste and of all the brand the whiskey is his favorite. Costumer service cordial and helpful. Orgering is simple and delivery was on time. This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours is the fifth studio album by Welsh alternative rock band Manic Street Preachers.It was released on 14 September 1998 by record label Epic.. Like its 1996 predecessor Everything Must Go, This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours was a commercial and critical success. But others instead channel that money into family or social causes via trusts, because it turns out kids have a way of getting to you. Good web site, Good products and prices. But that's not to say the tobacco wasn't exceptional, it was really good. I like the pouch the tobacco comes in more than the smoke itself. I smoke outdoors only, subject to the weather, thus only about 4 to 5 months of the year. "Superstition" reached number one in the U.S. The aroma was very pleasant and it was not bitter....will be buying more. Have been looking for a good whiskey tobacco for his gentleman pipe & this one hit the spot! This 7 ounce can will probably last about 20 years at this rate so lets see how it does when it ages. Full of complex flavor from the tobacco combined with whiskey, a captivating taste and aroma appear in the Bourbon Whiskey tobacco. George’s Sandwich Shop, Italian Market the flavor is outstanding and wife loves the aroma. Stay connected and sign-up for emails to get exclusive deals and event info. Intuitive website makes completing an order of little effort. But after buying nearly every DLC for over a year (+ the earlier Rocksmith DLC), I’ve made only one purchase since the start of 2015, despite awaiting every Tuesday’s release with great anticipation (and watching every video for songs/bands I do not know). JIM Matarazzo. Have received many compliments from bystanders. Around the Clock at Bikini Bottom OST by M X X N, released 01 March 2021 1. I have smoked it since the 1960s flavor is great followed Original that I enjoy too please help me hold the price down I buy multiple 7oz cans great stuff. A true quality smoke. I shall return !! I have been a pipe smoker for 46 years. Picked it up at a local shop. And very flavorful. The riff style cut is easy to light and keeps burning. Would these corporations be seen as agents of Hell? The verses are the kinds of things R.E.M. I ventured out and tried Borkum Riff Bourbon Whiskey and I didn't like it. Thanks guys for the great product, An aromatic with a unique taste and aroma, generally over cased and may benefit from air drying, bought this to obtain the low priced associated pipe which is sturdy but with understandably poor grain but may be fun to rusticate and it is nicely stamped with the Borkum Riff name. Thanks. Borkum Riff and the Peterson's are a great combination. Thanks and I will be ordering again. Hubby has smoked this brand for years only he he likes... Best smoking tobaccos I luv it I love 💗 it all I. I have smoked this tobacco for ~57 yrs. Great Service. CLICK HERE to learn how to get FREE SHIPPING on your entire order! Nice change from other tobaccos.....smokes. ", Its the best. I like to give it some dry time and it should be smoked slow. I'm being generous because it's not a bad blend per se, but I had a very bad experience and a decent experience. It is mild, yet flavorful. Thanks too P+C for their great service. The website is easy to use, great pictures and a great variety of products. People dream up conspiracy theories to help make sense of things. One popped open because just one of those cushions on top of the six cans. (The notion of living forever while trapped in a coffin has been observed.) Excellent tobacco. great smoke pairs well while sipping a good bourbon. Have loved Borkum Riff for over many years. Enough said! I’m sure all the fanboys of whatever this week’s “more of the same shit” band’s dlc will be happy. Out of every pack of tobacco I have ever tried this one exceeds expectations and is just perfect for me. Loved Erin Go Braugh Whiskey blend, but now that Pipes & Cigars has stopped stocking it I was looking for another blend to take its place. P&C always has it and at the best price I've found anywhere. Short and sweet. ... Chris or Evan would play a riff until I wanted to kill them if they ever played it again. Brokum Riff was the best substitute l could find. By the way, you do not need to send me the wine cards. Customer service is outstanding. Does not taste the way it smells. Still, it’s an invasion! Smoked Borkum for 30 years, tried other brands but always return to Borkum. Borkum Riff Whiskey Tobacco is mild burning so it easy on your mouth and I have received many comments on how good it smells. I wouldn't try it again. I’m extremely happy with the price & the Seville & the quality of the product. I have been extremely pleased with Pipes and Cigars as the choice to purchase this product. I like bourbon, don't get me wrong. Glove World 10. Been smoking it for years - Mild blend. I have been smoking Borkum Riff Whiskey since the 80's. Maybe it's actually good tobacco - I am not a cigar expert either... but there is something about this stuff that reminds me of a cheapo Cigar. The album debuted at number 1 in the UK Albums Chart, selling 136,000 copies, going Gold in the first week. That’s why I have been a customer for years. you deserve some of life"s more enjoyable pleasures. It was in good shape, great price. My verdict is in after finishing a pouch. I remember watching Sherlock Holmes smoking this mixture and it having more flavor and room notes that what it does not. I order on line - they send notice when I ship - and I receive in a timely manner. While I'm obvioulsy leaning heavy on Blade Runner, I feel there's ways we can expand and play with this. Ive been smoking BRW for 50 plus yrs off and on., does that tell you anything? I really liked this one. I really enjoy BR Whiskey, I have been the stuff for over 30 years. For people just starting out, dry tobacco makes it easy to overheat the bowl and it will burn the back of your throat while moist tobacco is difficult to keep lit and will produce steam that burns your tongue. It came off a bit bitter tasting for my tastes. And this one lingers! This is my favorite, Borkum Riff Bourbon Whiskey. It was smooth. Such a great sale. Now not that the flavor is bad, it just fell short when I was lighting it and sipping it for about an hour. A very favorable blend to sample any time of the season. I used to smoke Borkum Riff. This is MY tobacco and you delivered on time as usual. I've always liked the taste and aroma it puts off. Iron Dogfish 15. My review may reflect my novice tasting experience with tobaccos, however my knowledge of bourbons is not lacking. I've tried several similar brands, but always go back to BR! Very relaxing! Our condolences to his friends and family. Now that i picked it up again is still a good smoke! This is hardly aromatic, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. Pipes& Cigars shipping with light speed. I enjoyed it had a good flavor Slow Burn and love the aftertaste. Good quality, good service, and reasonable prices. I started out with Captain Black sample packs and it has me hooked. I currently have six Peterson pipes in my rotation. But yours are concise pop songs that are structurally very different than those of, say, Broken Social Scene or Godspeed You! Full of complex flavor from the tobacco combined with whiskey, a captivating taste and aroma appear in the Bourbon Whiskey tobacco. Easy on the tongue with no bite, this is an enjoyable smoke anytime. Last canister I received was stale/moldy. I found my first 2 burns to be pleasantly light, but not very aromatic. And was glad to find a new supplier since my old place no longer carried the canisters. This is simply the best smoothest tobacco I have ever tried. Not too bad. Mild, smooth, smoke that smells good without the bite. Ordering more right now. They suddenly stopped making it. I have been a fan for years and even after all this time, this is the smoothest smoking Cavendish that I have found. Great tobacco, smooth and tastes great. Very light Bourbon flavor at first light. Doesn’t bite, and great scent (even to most non-smokers). And price was great. This was a refill order as I have already smoked a pouch of this over the summer. do to the great prices and customer service I enjoy purchasing products from pipes and cigars. I've smoked Borkum Riff tobacco for years and I've never gotten tired of it. I have used it for years & am currently unable to purchase it locally and am glad that I am able to purchase it in bulk at a great price. Thanks. I'm a cover band guy with a lot of years playing Mesa's and Deluxe Reverbs. I have been smoking Borkum Riff for many years. Has a definite cigarette smell and flavor to it and can be harsh and hot if puffed too quickly. I enjoyed every puff of my Borkum Riff with Bourbon Whiskey !!! Very pleased will use again. Although I am happy as always with P&C and their service, this blend was a disappointment. 20 things you didn’t know about Rammstein’s Mutter Failed coups, bar brawls and Hitler’s dog - these are the secrets behind Rammstein’s breakthrough album Mutter The Story Behind The Song: System Of A Down’s Chop Suey! I didn't find that true with their Cherry Liqueur for some reason. Don't know what it has such a bad wrap. My pouch came with perfect humidity and stayed fresh, even in the trunk of my car. Smooth, aromatic, one feels one is in the company of a great old friend. Tried other in a pinch but always prefer Borkum whiskey Blend. take advantage when you get thr chance, BORKIM RIFF BOURBON WHISKEY PIPE TOBACCO - THE BEST. They're not helpful, though, and only serve to make the world more confusing and scarier.We're not going to have that here. Borkum Riff Bourbon Whiskey has been my "go to" for decades. Easy ordering procedure, quick turn around ordered on Friday delivery on Mon, with basic shipping. Billboard Hot 100 and on the soul singles chart. Sweet Virginias with a VaPer-like snap, the bourbon adds a unique, pleasant flavor twist. Like all pipe smokers (there are very few of us left) other smokers were always saying "try this". Nuff said! This pipe tobacco tastes great and smells great to others when I smoke it. I will definitely buy again. I'm making blends, this is awesome. This tobacco is very hard to find in my area and it is the only one my husband likes so I was very happy to find it and get it so quickly. so the rich family tradition lives on! Being a musician with a broken leg, things were always going to be a little ostentatious, if not a little abstract. In 2015 we kicked off The Crappening by riffing The Room live! Also this tobacco came ready to smoke with zero drying necessary which is a huge plus when you are in a pinch, Prob one of my favorite pipe Tabacco. Excellent tobacco. I started smoking the bourbon whiskey blend back in the 1970’s. Sorry I'll stay with Pipes and Cigars, Flavorful smoke. Smoking this sincelong long time ago, and still doing it. I have been smoking Borkum Riff Boubon Whiskey for 50 years... it is deffinately my favorite. I tried many others before Borkum Riff original Bourbon Whiskey, but it has now been my favorite for over 40 years. As with the Cherry Liquor blend, I was not happy with this brand. This is a decent smoke. Rockin Race 4. And I like pipe tobacco, as well. I've always liked the taste and aroma, but what really sets it apart for me is that it is never too dry or too moist. i tried to purchase some extra candles to use around the place but did not have. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Sit back relax and enjoy with a latte or chia tea!! I am continuing a family tradition . I decided to become a pipe smoker, and this was the first tobacco I have had, it last me a while now, still fresh and delicious I really like this. "A true friend is another me. I didn't get any sense of bourbon from the tobacco, neither from the pouch nor from the smoke. Great tobacco ! I will never buy this again, but it quickly gave my meerschaum pipes some red color around the edges which I like. I Wanna Be Yours Lyrics: I wanna be your vacuum cleaner / Breathin' in your dust / I wanna be your Ford Cortina / I will never rust / If you like your coffee hot / … Got this for my Brother as a gift and now it has quickly become his favorite. It's smooth and mild. No bourbon flavor with minor tongue bite. It is very satisfying! It is getting harder to find these days so thank goodness Pipes and Cigars carry it and fill my orders promptly. Have enjoyed for 30+ years. I began smoking a pipe back in 1972. RPGnet has learned of the passing of Bill Larson, part of the Book department of TSR publishing, along with working on YA fiction such as Trixie Belden and putting together a detective anthology (Seven Great Detective Stories) while working for Western Publishing. This hasn't actually increased the amount of hedonistic blow-it-all-on-today activity; life extension is the Holy Grail of the ultra-rich lifestyle, and a few of the ultras are never seen outside their cryogenic regulation pods, interacting with the world through frosted glass and robot manipulator limbs. Borkum Riff is not only light on the bourbon taste, but pretty bland altogether. Fair price, but the last two shipments from you had damage to the containers. A comprehensive set of inputs and outputs allows you to connect your mic, headphones, line inputs, console and even output to a second streaming computer. I've been smoking this blend since 1978. The thing is, it's also pretty dry (at least my pouch is) and maybe I have been smoking it too fast but I get a "cheap cigar taste" in the background. I was very glad to find it at a decent price on P&C after my local shop could not get it due to manufacturing issues still remaining in Puerto Rico's infrastructure from last summer's hurricanes. Bourbon a little stronger than whiskey, but a nice blend after a hard days work or night out on the town end to a nice dinner. The Adventures of Robin Hood is a 1938 American Technicolor swashbuckler film from Warner Bros. Pictures.It was produced by Hal B. Wallis and Henry Blanke, directed by Michael Curtiz and William Keighley, and stars Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone, Claude Rains, Patric Knowles, Eugene Pallette and Alan Hale Sr.. It is getting more difficult to find the different varieties of Riff Pipe Tobacco. Loved it! Good stuff! My go to for a late night small bowl smoke with a small glass of port before bedtime. You would also have stories about people trying to perfect a complete soul transfer for rich clients. I don't drink it. Not as good as the original, but still a good smoke. He gave me a can and I've been smoking Borkum Riff Bourbon ever since. Good tobacco. Great product. Excellent taste not to bad It was a pleasure to smoke.. Will definitely order from you in the future.

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