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Mark Cuban joined Reddit’s WallStreetBets for an “Ask Me Anything” session on Tuesday and, true to form, he didn’t hold back. Published Tue, Feb 2 2021 12:14 PM EST Updated Tue, Feb 2 … Mark Cuban? They know the risk of doing such a thing and the likely consequences. No way in hell I'm selling. (Because they can buy and hold more GME stonks) In an interview on CNBC, Cuban defended his position that the rules of Wall Street have changed and if the major hedge funds are going to short stocks, they better be prepared to take big losses if the smaller traders find a way to cheat the system. Billionaire investor Mark Cuban sees a new breed for retail traders emerging. Drop it more and I'll buy some more . Mark Cuban says his 11-year-old son "made trades" in AMC and BlackBerry with Reddit group WallStreetBets amid this week’s GameStop frenzy. The people who can dilute are very aware what a negative sentiment people have on dilution. Source: Reddit / Mark Cuban AMA. "Their goal is to never ... absolutely correct. Genuinely a good idea for people to go and re-read the comments on that thread, I think most people aren’t. Mark Cuban, in a Reddit AMA on Tuesday, advised amateur traders to hold their shares of GameStop. Mark Cuban advises Reddit traders as GameStop shares plunge. Uncle Cubes has wrinkles in his . Alright, this took a long time to write, and was all thanks to Michael Burry (MB) linking this in his profile, then mysteriously removing it less than a day later. in retrospect that was one of the wisest AMAs of all time on reddit. It will give you a piece of mind and there’s a lot of good information in there. But instead of leaving the critique as is, Mark Cuban offered advice to the WSB community on what to do on the next coordinated effort. mark cuban gives his opinion GameStop and r/WallStreetBets have captured the attention and imagination of millions all over the world. He also predicted that the … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Share. HOWEVER, it's closer to a debunking post and goes into much more depth as it’s necessary to understand the full picture when we start to analyse the link MB provided. He said that he is a 'believer' in the power of the Reddit forum to move the market. Michael Buckner / Getty. 22.6k 2.0k comments For anyone nervous about the dip, go check out Mark Cuban’s AMA. level 2. Press J to jump to the feed. My faith has been genuinely restored. None of this is financial advice. Why create a fire sale burn this thing down right now when you are only beginning to create traction and turn the company in the right direction?? Motha fuckas be at like 1000000000% short, in retrospect that was one of the wisest AMAs of all time on reddit. I just really like the stock They were joined by billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban, who offered his two cents’ worth in an “AMA" or ask-me-anything question and answer session, that was confirmed as "legit" by a Reddit moderator. Get Ready For The Biggest Short Squeeze Of Our Lifetime, Press J to jump to the feed. Billionaire entreprenuer Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks owner, calls into 'Squawk Alley' to defend his thoughts on the Reddit-fueled market volatility. Ecco le 12 migliori citazioni dell'investitore miliardario dalla discussione. According to Forbes’ real-time billionaires tracker (which is just so gross), he’s worth $4.2 billion. 7 days ago. fuck yea, he had a motherfucking crystal ball. Mark Cuban isn’t convinced the Reddit-induced retail trading frenzy has run its course just yet. Dilution would seem more likely to me when this thing stabilizes. Mark Cuban is known for speaking his mind and when it came to the GameStop Wall Street Reddit stock scandal, he did just that. Even wiser than the vacuum repair man AMA? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Mark Cuban is the man, he is having fun and riding this narrative just like the rest of us. My favorite Mark Cuban piece is still from his blog post from 2006:. That's high praise! Billionaire investor Mark Cuban says Reddit trend could be a great equalizer on Wall Street Mark Cuban on Thursday cheered the epic short squeeze in GameStop shares, telling CNBC he … In summary Mark said HOLD GME! P.S. He’s helping the traders by compartmentalizing their mistakes and offering insights to learning from those mistakes. https://tokenist.com/mark-cuban-to-wallstreetbets-hold-gme-if-you-can Billionaire investor, Dallas Mavericks owner and "Shark Tank" star Mark Cuban hosted a Reddit AMA Tuesday morning where he fielded questions on the... Gamestop Corporation (NYSE:GME), Herbalife LTD. In un AMA di Reddit, ha anche consigliato ad alcuni dei membri del subreddit di detenere le proprie quote di GameStop. This post will have a lot of parallels to the EVERYTHING short.. Also the other hundreds of thousands of people that might have a few GME shares on WSB AND WSBnew probably look and go oh my 5 shares are down today, better hodl or better buy the dip, I tend to think people over at wsb hold a lot more shares, I love the stock so much I bought another $1000 today. Mark Cuban gives trading advice for ‘the little guy’ in latest Reddit AMA The billionaire investor weighed in on plummeting GameStop stocks, Robinhood’s role in the saga, and why the SEC is “a mess.” His advice for traders? Be patient. Gamestop ($GME) Stock: Fresh off a Reddit AMA, billionaire investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban was on CNBC to talk about the GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) short covering fiasco. Wall Street has done an AMAZING job of creating conventional wisdom. 1.2k. However, not even the … Billionaire Cuban claims diamond hands. “Buy and Hold “is the 2nd most misleading marketing slogan ever, after the brilliant “rinse and repeat” message on every shampoo bottle. Mark Cuban was right. That was feb 2 after the Jan 27 “squeeze”. I’m not a financial advisor. Thank you so much for watching! Cuban shared his advice for them after the sharp fall in GME stock. TL;DR: Citadel is naked shorting ETFs (Operational Shorting) containing GME to drive down the price, in the first drop in Feb they shorted XRT, and in the past week … ... what are the rules for cutting off the purchase of stocks like happened with GME et al.” L'investitore miliardario Mark Cuban. PSSHHHH, What’s his middle name, Iznada? And don’t even get me started on Captain Thomas H. French. Do Subscribe To Beat The S&P 500! 'This is real' — Mark Cuban says Reddit traders won't go away just because they lost money. To the mods of r/gme I am truly sorry you have to deal with this and I hope you know I am not ok with these messages in any way shape or form. Entrepreneur billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban hopped on the Wall Street Bets subreddit for an AMA ("Ask Me Anything," that's not a stock … A place for theoretical discussions about business and stocks - specifically Gamestop Stock ($GME). Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has big money. Stay stonky, San Diago. Reply. Mark Cuban joined Reddit’s WallStreetBets for an “Ask Me Anything” session on Tuesday and, true to form, he didn’t hold back. This advice needs to be remembered because it still rings true. Mark Cuban ha elogiato Wall Street Bets per aver affrontato l'élite finanziaria. Mark Cuban said in a Reddit AMA on Tuesday that his investing strategy centers around holding stocks for the long term. Paraphrased from Mark Cuban: The lower the price, the stronger retail gets. Report Save. The disconnect with CNBC is they aren't even TRYING to understand what is happening here, and whether it is a deliberate glossing over of market manipulation or just a straight up … Here is … Bought 50 more shares @ 121 and a moon man tshirt in honor of Mark Cuba. Opinions and memes welcome. keep in mind that this only holds true if they never dilute, which is impossible.

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