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[10] The appointment was met with scepticism by pundits, including Leicester fan and former player Gary Lineker, as Ranieri had recently been sacked from his previous post as manager of the Greek national team after suffering a humiliating defeat to the Faroe Islands in his last game in charge. A Primeira divisão do Campeonato Inglês de Futebol da temporada 2015–2016 foi a 114ª edição da principal divisão do futebol inglês (24ª como Premier League) com o mesmo regulamento dos anos anteriores, quando foi implementado o sistema de pontos corridos.O atual campeão da competição é o Liverpool. Premier League 2015/2016 results page on FlashScore.com offers results, Premier League 2015/2016 standings and match details. [9] After the dismissal of manager Nigel Pearson, they began the new season with Italian Claudio Ranieri in charge. Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted his congratulations, saying it was "An extraordinary, thoroughly deserved, Premier League title." Premier League preview: Kane big doubt for Chelsea clash, Liverpool fans blast Topman for ‘horrendously insensitive’ jumper with ‘96’ slogan, Premier League preview: United hit by injuries ahead of the battle for second, Riyad Mahrez returns to Leicester training, Rodriguez: I 100% deny the false allegation, Wenger: Arsenal let Giroud join Chelsea because of World Cup, Mahrez misses Leicester training for second day, will miss Swansea, 'Sick' Aubameyang could miss Everton match, Carragher: Van Dijk needs to lose a bit of weight, Burnley midfielder Defour to undergo knee surgery. 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The game in which Tottenham's title challenge ended was their 2–2 draw at Chelsea on 2 May, with many altercations between players and benches on and off the field, especially after Eden Hazard scored the equalizing and final goal. Many commentators consider this to be one of the greatest sporting shocks in history, especially considering that Leicester spent half of the previous season at the bottom of the table before finishing 14th. ", "Here's what Gary Lineker said about Claudio Ranieri when he was appointed as Leicester City's manager", "How Leicester City's triumph Compares With Other Winners", "Antonio Conte's huge task to revive Chelsea after wretched season", "Chelsea are the worst-ever Premier League champions after Blues finish in 10th place", "Tottenham Hotspur 1–1 West Browich Albion", "Danny Rose: Tottenham defender apologises for ugly scenes at Chelsea", Mark Clattenburg: I allowed Tottenham to self-destruct against Chelsea in 2016, Mark Clattenburg took a 'gamble too far' - Dermot Gallagher, "Aston Villa relegated from Premier League after defeat by Manchester United", "Newcastle And Norwich Relegated From Top Flight", "Suspect device in Old Trafford controlled explosion was dummy left behind after training exercise", "Leicester City win the Premier League: How the world viewed the victory", "Leicester win Premier League title – reaction", https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/aug/13/gary-lineker-presents-match-of-the-day-in-his-underpants, "Emotional Gary Lineker struggles to comprehend Leicester heroics", "Claudio Ranieri's emotions were at 'maximum level' as Leicester won title", "Leicester City's march to glory: how a stellar season unfolded, game by game", "Leicester win the Premier League: Bookmakers' set to lose over £25m as lucky punters bag £100,000 winnings", "Punter wins £200,000 on Leicester City winning the Premier League", "Experts claim discovery of Richard III under car-park helped Leicester to Premiership title", "Jamie Vardy breaks record for goals in consecutive games", "Gary Lineker pants: Match of the Day presenter keeps Twitter promise", "Premier League – Handbook Season 2015/16", "West Ham agree Upton Park sale deal with Galliard Group", "Arsenal football club in £150m Emirates deal", "Villa become flagship UK club in record-breaking deal with Macron", "Intuit QuickBooks announced as main club sponsor", "AFC Bournemouth reveal home kit for the 2015/16 season", "AFC Bournemouth unveil Mansion Group as Premier League shirt sponsor", https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2015/07/16/new-2015-16-home-kit, "Chelsea seal £200m shirt sponsorship deal with Yokohama Rubber", "Mansion Group Named Official Club Sponsor", https://uk.news.yahoo.com/pictures-evertons-umbro-2015-16-110300826.html, "Leicester City captain Wes Morgan 'fit and ready' for Premier League season after hectic summer", https://www.footyheadlines.com/2015/05/new-balance-liverpool-15-16-training-shirts.html, https://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/sep/14/manchester-city-juventus-champions-league-vincent-kompany, "Manchester City's six-year kit deal with Nike could earn the Premier League leaders up to £12million a year", "Manchester City bank record £400m sponsorship deal with Etihad Airways", "Wayne Rooney – Official Manchester United Website", "Manchester United and Adidas in £750m deal over 10 years", "Manchester United's £53m shirt deal with Chevrolet unaffected despite likely absence of Champions League", "Newcastle United's Fabricio Coloccini wants to play in every game including the cups", "Norwich City captain Russell Martin has signed a three-year contract with the Club", "Veho announced as new Main Club Sponsor", https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/33803964, "Stoke City FC Announce New Balance Kit Deal", "Stoke City: bet365 put their shirts on Stoke City", https://www.fourfourtwo.com/news/sunderland-captain-oshea-doubtful-liverpool-clash, "Sunderland announce Dafabet as new club sponsor", "BBC Sport – Ashley Williams staying with Swansea despite rival interest", "Tottenham news: Spurs 'set to name Harry Kane vice-captain' – Metro News", "AIA TO BECOME TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR'S NEW PRINCIPAL PARTNER", "Premier League 2015–16 preview No18: Watford", "WATFORD FC HOME KIT 2015–16: Your Time Is Now! [6] However, the Manchester United vs Bournemouth fixture was postponed to 17 May 2016 on the final day due to a suspicious package inside Old Trafford.[7]. The 2015–16 Premier League (known as the Barclays Premier League for sponsorship reasons) was the 24th season of the Premier League, the top English professional league for association football clubs, since its establishment in 1992. They replaced Hull City (ending their two-year spell in the top flight), Burnley and Queens Park Rangers (both teams relegated after a season's presence). Draws with West Bromwich Albion[23] and Chelsea stopped them winning their first title since 1961. Chelsea began the season as defending champions of the 2014–15 season. Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich City entered as the three promoted teams from the 2014–15 Football League Championship. England Premier League 2015/2016 table, full stats, livescores. Defending champions Chelsea sacked manager José Mourinho in December while in 16th place and eventually failed to qualify for European football for the first time in two decades. [34] José Mourinho, manager of 2015 champions Chelsea and Ranieri's replacement at the same team eleven years earlier, sent his congratulations, saying: "I lost my title to Claudio Ranieri and it is with incredible emotion that I live this magic moment in his career. Premier League preview: Will City clinch the title? [38], Superstitious claims of phenomena helping Leicester win the league include the club's Thai owners employing Buddhist monks to bless the players,[31] and the reburial of King Richard III in the city's cathedral in March 2015.[39]. [13] They eventually finished 10th, set a then-record lowest finish for a Premier League title holders. Meanwhile, their London rivals, Tottenham Hotspur, won six matches in a row, and when Arsenal lost to Manchester United at the end of February, Tottenham leapfrogged them into second place,[22] where they remained until the final weekend of the season. Check all the details about the Premier League 2015/2016 season, including results, fixtures, tables, stats and rankings on AS.com The Premier League Player of the Season is an annual association football award presented to players in England, which recognises the most outstanding player in the Premier League each season. [29], All of the final fixtures of the season were scheduled for 15 May, and to kick off at the same time. [14] This record only stood for one year, as Leicester City finished 12th the following season. The latest table, results, stats and fixtures from the 2015/2016 Premier League season. Leicester City were the surprise of the season. The season began on 8 August 2015, and was scheduled to conclude on 15 May 2016. 3 TOT Tottenham Hotspur. See who scored the most goals, cards, shots and more here. [25][26], After a 2–1 home loss to Southampton and a 5–1 defeat away to Newcastle United in their final two matches, Tottenham ended the season in third place, one point behind Arsenal. 5 MAN Manchester … 02/02 at 08:47. How Battle of the Bridge descended into chaos and crowned Leicester champions, Leicester City: The greatest underdog story of all, Mourinho: Pogba not responsible for my sacking, Zabaleta extends West Ham contract until 2020, Guardiola: Old Trafford not a scary venue any more, 'From Rooney and Ronaldo to Lukaku and Lingard, LOL' - Man United fans ahead of Manchester Derby, West Ham denied request to change kickoff time for final home game, Mourinho can still lead Man Utd to titles - Ibrahimovic, Carrick: I would've joined Arsenal if it weren't for Fabregas, Eriksen injury could be recurring problem - Denmark coach, Moura recalled to Brazil squad after two-year absence, Leicester 'activate Evans' release clause', Highlights | Stefanie Voegele - Patricia Maria Tig, Highlights | Gael Monfils - Alexander Bublik, Highlights | Corentin Moutet - Lorenzo Giustino, When does the Premier League transfer window open? "[35] Twenty teams competed in the league – the top seventeen teams from the previous season and the three teams promoted from the Championship. No odds. Burnley midfielder Defour to undergo knee surgery. Our mobile app is optimized for your phone. [28] On 11 May, Sunderland won 3–0 against Everton, a result which relegated Newcastle United and Norwich City with one game remaining. The Big Fat Manchester Derby Quiz - are you an expert? The promoted teams were Bournemouth (playing in the top flight for the first time ever), Watford (returning to the top flight after eight years) and Norwich City (returning after a season's absence). It was confirmed to be an accidental leftover from a training exercise. [31], Premier League chairman Richard Scudamore described it as "biggest story we've ever had" in English football. Ranieri said after winning his first title at the age of 64 that he wouldn't have appreciated it as a young man: "Now I am an old man I can feel it much better. I consent that the Eurosport family of companies may provide me with news and marketing information about their products and services. [24] Mark Clattenburg, who refereed the game, subsequently stated that he could have "sent three players off from Tottenham" but chose instead to allow them to play on, giving the team a total of nine yellow cards (a league record), so as to allow them to "self destruct" and have no one else to blame but themselves. Complete table of Premier League standings for the 2015/2016 Season, plus access to tables from past seasons and other Football leagues. Premier League. Premier League. [10][11], Despite winning their opening game against Sunderland and topping the table, they dropped back following a 5–2 defeat by Arsenal in September. View the player profile of Atlético de Madrid Forward Diego Costa, including statistics and photos, on the official website of the Premier League. English Premier League Table 2015-16 ... 2015-2016; 1 LEI Leicester City. You could have given me 10 million to one and I'd have said 'Nah, it's a waste of a quid'". 2 ARS Arsenal. However, Manchester United's home game against Bournemouth was postponed for a future date after Old Trafford was evacuated because of the discovery of a suspicious device, which was destroyed in a controlled explosion. Check Premier League 2015/2016 page and find many useful statistics with chart. The season began on 8 August 2015, and was scheduled to conclude on 15 May 2016. Premier League. 4 MNC Manchester City. Arsenal, looking for their first title since 2004 and following a poor start, improved and in early January took the top spot from Leicester. Pearson had been known for his short temper with the press, while Ranieri has a reputation for good humour. [12] Following the Stamford Bridge 2–2 draw between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur on 2 May 2016, and having two more games to play, Leicester City were confirmed champions, their first title in the top flight of English football, eclipsing the runners-up spot they reached in 1929.[9]. 02/02 at 07:39. ", "138.COM: Watford's New Principal Partner", https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/west-bromwich-albion-fixtures-201516-can-tony-pulis-build-on-last-seasons-respectable-finish-10324657.html, "Albion reveal 2015/16 home kit and sponsor", "Slaven Bilic thanks Kevin Nolan as West Ham captain leaves club – video", "West Ham: Sam Allardyce says decision to leave 'was mutual, "Slaven Bilic: West Ham appoint former defender as manager", "Watford: Quique Sanchez Flores replaces Slavisa Jokanovic", "Newcastle: John Carver and Steve Stone sacked by club", "Steve McClaren: Newcastle appoint ex-England manager", "Leicester City sack manager Nigel Pearson", "Claudio Ranieri: Leicester City appoint ex-Chelsea manager", "Dick Advocaat: Sunderland boss quits Premier League strugglers", "Sunderland appoint Sam Allardyce as new manager on two-year deal", "Brendan Rodgers: Liverpool boss sacked by club", "Liverpool FC confirm Jürgen Klopp appointment", "Tim Sherwood: Aston Villa manager sacked after eight months", "Remi Garde: Aston Villa confirm ex-Lyon boss as manager", "Garry Monk: Swansea City part company with manager", "Swansea City: Alan Curtis to take charge until end of the season", "Jose Mourinho: Chelsea sack boss after Premier League slump", "Guus Hiddink: Chelsea appoint interim manager until end of season", "Francesco Guidolin: Swansea City name Italian as new head coach", "Steve McClaren: Newcastle United sack head coach", "Rafael Benitez: Newcastle United appoint Spaniard as Steve McClaren's successor", "Remi Garde: Aston Villa manager leaves after four months in charge", "Roberto Martinez: Everton sack manager after three years in charge", "Andre Ayew & Manuel Pellegrini win Premier League awards", "Anthony Martial: Man Utd forward wins player of the month", "Jamie Vardy: Leicester striker named October player of month", "Leicester's Claudio Ranieri & Jamie Vardy win Premier League's November awards", "Odion Ighalo: Watford striker 'honoured' by award", "Aguero and Koeman claim Barclays awards for January", "Tottenham's Mauricio Pochettino and Southampton's Fraser Forster win February awards", "kane-named-player-of-the-month-as-ranieri-scoops-manager", "Aguero and Ranieri win Barclays awards for April", "Vardy wins Barclays Player of the Season award", "Riyad Mahrez wins PFA Player of the Year 2015–16", "Dele Alli wins PFA Young Player of the Year 2015–16", "Jamie Vardy named Football Writers' Association Footballer of the Year for 2015/16", "Leicester and Tottenham dominate PFA Premier League team of the year", South West Peninsula League Premier Division, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=2015–16_Premier_League&oldid=972620590, 2015–16 in European association football leagues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 August 2020, at 01:57. Eden Hazard, the previous season's PFA Players' Player of the Year, did not score a league goal until late April. All you need to know. Following their late escape from relegation in the previous season many pundits had predicted that they would be relegated[8] and bookmakers gave 5,000–1 odds on them winning the title. After they won the title, he did indeed present the show clad only in boxer shorts. They broke the joint-record of 7th set by Blackburn Rovers in 1995–96 and Manchester United in 2013–14. 10 bizarre or brilliant Manchester derby moments. [32] Former Leicester manager Martin O'Neill described it as the "greatest achievement of this century". Congratulations were also sent by the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who praised his compatriot Ranieri. Download it for free. The 2015–16 Premier League (known as the Barclays Premier League for sponsorship reasons) was the 24th season of the Premier League, the top English professional league for association football clubs, since its establishment in 1992. They remained in contention, but draws with West Ham,[19] Sunderland[20] and Crystal Palace[21] in April saw their title hopes vanish. Carragher: Van Dijk needs to lose a bit of weight. Leicester City won the championship for the first time in their 132-year history, with 2 games to spare, after Tottenham failed to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on 2nd May 2016, becoming the 24th club to become English football champions, and the sixth club to win the Premier League. [27], Aston Villa, a presence in the Premier League since the league's foundation in 1992 and present in the top division since the 1988–89 season, were the first team to be mathematically relegated, after a 1–0 loss at Manchester United on 16 April. League, teams and player statistics. "[35][36], The long odds bookmakers had given Leicester at the start of the season led to them incurring losses of up to £25 million, with one punter winning over £100,000, having wagered £20 at the original 5,000–1 odds;[37] the largest payout was £200,000 to an anonymous bettor who wagered £100 on the team in October when the odds were improved to 2,000–1. [32] Gary Lineker, the former Leicester striker who led a consortium that saved the club from administration in 2002, had said he would host the BBC football show Match of the Day in his underwear if Leicester won the title. The recipient is chosen by a panel assembled by the league's sponsors consisting of members of "football's governing bodies, the media and fans", and is announced in the second or third week of May. O campeão dessa edição, com 2 rodadas de antecedência, foi o Leicester City They returned to the top after a 1–1 draw with Aston Villa on 16 January and remained there for the rest of the season. However, a poor run of results, including draws with Liverpool,[15] Stoke[16] and Southampton,[17] and a loss to Chelsea[18] saw them drop to fourth by mid-February. Découvrez le classement et les scores en live : Premier League 2015-2016 sur Eurosport. [12] However, aided by Jamie Vardy's record feat of scoring in eleven consecutive Premier League games[1], they then remained unbeaten – and returned to the top of the table – until 26 December, when a 1–0 defeat by Liverpool dropped them to second place. [33] He said: "There were no odds that I would have taken at the start of the season. Premier League 2015/2016 Schedule: Here you will find all matches in the overview 4 Player scored 4 goals5 Player scored 5 goals(H) – Home team(A) – Away team, This was West Ham United's last season at Boleyn Ground as they were set to relocate to the, "Barclays Premier League Statistics – Top Scorers", "English Premier League: 2015–16: Goalkeeping", "Barclays Premier League football scores & results", "Barclays Premier League Statistics – 2015–16", "The 2015–16 fixture list has been released by The FA", "Old Trafford: Controlled explosion carried out as Man Utd game called off", "Premier League 2015–16: Guardian football writers' season predictions", "The Leicester Supremacy – A Triumph That Was Never Supposed to Happen", "Claudio Ranieri: the anti-Pearson ... and the wrong man for Leicester City? [30], The unlikely nature of Leicester's title led to a flood of coverage from across the globe.

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