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What if I have more questions? Third-year physical therapy students Spencer Edwards and Kelly Rhodes received high marks for their video submissions during this year’s American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Geriatrics Consumer Video contest. Endnotes should also be prepared in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style. Some things in particular to check for include the following: What kind of changes can be made? Your contact at the press will email the full proof along with instructions for proceeding. The Gee Years, 1990-1997  Thank you for your interest in publishing with Princeton University Press, where we welcome proposals for new books in a wide range of disciplines. Chapter-by-chapter outline. Your share of any rights income received will be included with your annual royalty payment. Swallow Press is the literary and trade imprint of Ohio University Press. Alden Library, Suite 101 Mistakes are inevitable. an Exam or Desk Copy, Request Once the fiscal year closes, royalty calculations begin, and all payments are processed by Ohio State University Press Publications: Recent submissions Now showing results 6-10 of 729 Medieval Things: Agency, Materiality, and Narratives of Objects in Medieval German Literature and Beyond  As an author, you are entitled to 40 percent off any of our titles. Royalties are paid annually. Editorial/Production. Depending on the complexity of your book and the demands of our publication schedule, you will see page proofs (sometimes called first pages) approximately 6–8 weeks after we have finalized the manuscript. What about rights income? Text should include a table of contents, preface or introduction, all chapters, notes, bibliography, appendices or supplementary materials, and any other text to be included in the work. Adoption & Culture. Contact the managing editor, Tara Cyphers, at tara@osupress.org if you have questions. When they have questions, they will insert queries directly in the document, usually with the comments feature, to which you will need to respond. For your initial submission, please send a proposal rather than the complete manuscript, and include the following in your proposal: Cover letter. Editing decisions will conform to the standards in our OSU Press House Style Guide, The Chicago Manual of Style, the MLA Handbook, and Merriam-Webster Online. The OSU Press has published approximately 1700 books since its inception. For your convenience, the Kent State University Press provides the following downloadable guidelines in PDF format. Ohio University Press does not accept footnotes, typed at the bottom of corresponding pages. The University of Utah Press is delighted to consider your book for publication! “WILD UTAH: America’s Redrock Wilderness” is a webinar event featuring a short film along with a presentation that features images of Utah’s redrock wilderness areas and music produced by Utahns who want to see these beautiful public lands protected. Ohio State University Press Publications: Recent submissions. Contact us early on in the editorial process—before you return your redlines—to set it up. At this stage, poets should review the indents, spacing, and line breaks. How often are royalties paid? Manuscript Preparation and Submission Guidelines. You will typically have 4 weeks to accept and reject the edits and respond to queries. Please email your inquiry to the attention of the appropriate editor, found below. You will find us very receptive and eager to make your work as appropriate to your audience as possible. Will I see corrected proofs? At the manuscript stage, you will receive copyedited manuscript files in Word format and will need to approve the tracked changes you see and finalize the text. Narrative. swadswo2@kent.edu. The Ohio State University Press, founded in 1957, is the university press of The Ohio State University. You will be contacted by someone at the press who will provide you with access to your Author Portal. Dot matrix print is only acceptable if it is near-letter quality. Statement of the purpose, scope, and market for your project. No. If your book will have an e-book edition (which is typically the case), the e-book will be released at the same time as the print book. +1 740 593 1154, Request Athens, OH 45701-2909 The current director is Tony Sanfilippo, who had previously worked for over 14 years at the Penn State University Press. Yes, you will be sent a set of corrected page proofs (called the second proof). Note that the responsibility of correcting the page proofs rests with you as the author (we check pagination, spacing, and design elements and look for egregious errors that have resulted from typesetting). If you find that your work calls for a specific deviation from a standard practice, feel free to approach your editorial contact at the press. Now showing results 1-5 of 716. Pages should be consecutively numbered and printed on one side only. Although it is your responsibility to provide the index, making one is a highly specialized activity that is most often left to professional indexers and authors with extensive indexing experience. When do I see page proofs? The Ohio State University Press was established in 1957 and currently publishes 50-60 new books a year. Keep in mind, too, that even the smallest change may affect pagination, so please resist the urge to fine-tune or rewrite. This is your last opportunity to alter the text, but, again, alterations should be confined to those in response to the copyeditor’s edits and queries. Edited by Emily Hipchen, Brown University . We would ask that you print the electronic file you will be provided with and make changes on the hard copy. Please send submissions to: Ohio University Press Submissions Alden Library, Suite 101 30 Park Place Athens OH 45701 — or — huard@ohio.edu There, you will be able to access important information about your book, including: your title and name as they will appear in the book and in all our promotional materials; your copyediting and production schedule; the book’s anticipated publication date; marketing information; the approved cover once that step has been accomplished; and a variety of other things (e.g., your contract with the press, a flyer to promote the book, and, later on, reviews of your book) that will prove useful to you as you go through the publication process. When does my book get turned into an e-book? The marked up manuscript, called redlines, then goes to you for review, as a Word document, along with instructions on how to proceed. Do not email proposals or inquiry emails to … The magazine is endorsed by The Ohio State University, and its contents determined solely by … Check that the footnotes/endnotes are in correct sequence and correspond to the proper reference numbers in the text. However, do keep in mind that we hire highly experienced professional copyeditors who specialize in this kind of work and they may be aware of a compelling reason for a certain convention—and so we will make exceptions to standard practices on a book-by-book basis. Margins should be at least 1" on all sides. How do I proof the pages? The full text can be accessed for publications that currently are not in a traditional paper edition. […] Please provide full information about the permissions that have been or will have to be procured for quoted material and/or illustrations. Royalties are based on a percentage of net sales, with net sales being defined as gross sales of the book less any returns. The Ohio State University Press 180 Pressey Hall 1070 Carmack Road Columbus, OH 43210-1002 614-292-1407 (ph) 614-292-2065 (fax) Frequency—2 issues per year Rates. What happens to my book once I submit my final manuscript to the press? She serves on the editorial board of Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men (Indiana University Press). Do I need to request my author copies? A collection of titles published by The Ohio State University Press. No. Look carefully at the front matter, and make sure that the table of contents matches the pagination listed and the chapter titles. the ohio state university press manuscript preparation and submission. The turnaround time on this second proof is quick—usually 48 hours or less. You should confine your review to checking that your previous marks have been correctly implemented. For other indexing arrangements, you should be sure to work this out with your acquisitions editor prior to your book being transmitted to editorial and production. KB Home; Ohio State University Press; Ohio State University Press Publications; Browsing Ohio State University Press Publications by Author If your book contains illustrations and tables, these will also be checked to make sure they correspond correctly with the callouts. You will also be involved in reviewing the second proof, though note at this stage you are not doing a full read/review again but rather checking that your previous edits have been correctly implemented. Even the smallest changes can create reflow, which we want to avoid, so only typographic errors and egregious mistakes should be fixed. All text, including tables, charts, graphs, and illustrations, should be submitted. Authors can bear a portion of the cost if they make too many edits. We have developed good relationships with a handful of very qualified freelance indexers, and we would be more than happy to connect you with them. Our goal is to produce an attractive, high-quality book, and to do this, we need your help. We are currently seeking book-length memoir, literary journalism, and general nonfiction manuscripts.Your proposal should include a cover letter, a synopsis (2–4 typed pages) as well as a statement of how you see your book fitting in our list. LSU Press is one of the oldest and most prestigious academic Guidelines. For Authors Under Contract Guidelines for Authors Under Contract. Complimentary copies agreed to in the contract are shipped once the book arrives from the printer. If you have any further questions about royalties or finance-related matters, please contact your acquisitions editor. The press uses highly qualified copyeditors who typically work on manuscripts undisturbed for 4–6 weeks, going over it several times line by line and marking it up with the track changes feature in Word. You should not be rewriting text. If you would like to mark changes otherwise, please be sure to arrange this with the managing editor. Edwards placed third in this year’s contest, and Rhodes placed fourth. Ohio State University Press: Recent submissions. The Ohio State University Press About this Publisher. It is important to keep in mind that at this stage, the book is not yet designed and thus the layout is represented by various tagging, coding, and formatting, which may look a bit odd. Text should be unjustified (ragged right margin). Narrative Bonds: Multiple Narrators in the Victorian Novel Edited by James Phelan, The Ohio State University. 30 Park Place Whom can I contact if I have editorial or production questions? The University of Utah Press invites submission of proposals and manuscripts in the areas of anthropology and archaeology; Mesoamerican, American Indian, Mormon, and Middle East studies; regional and Utah guidebooks; natural history and nature writing; general titles of regional interest; American West, Utah, and environmental history; and a… How do I indicate changes in the PDF? Submit. Do I have to do the index myself? We specialize in literary studies, including narrative theory, … Electronic Manuscript Guidelines for Authors. Named for the distinguished poet who taught for many years at Ohio University and made Athens, Ohio, the subject of many of his poems, this competition invites writers to submit unpublished collections of original poems. Also, she is a HERS Institute Alumna, and she completed an American Council on Education leadership forum and the eighteen-month long Ohio State University President’s and Provost’s Leadership Institute. At the page proof stage, when pages are designed and given pagination, you will need to (1) carefully review the PDF/proof you will be provided with (we recommend a brand new read and review) and (2) make (or have made) the index, if your book requires one. At this point in the process, changes are costly and difficult, and so you should not be making new edits. The Ohio State University Press was established in 1957 and currently publishes 30 new books a year. Art Submission Guidelines for Authors. For more information on submitting or about this prize, see The Journal website: https://thejournalmag.org/book-prizes/wheeler-prizeFor more information contact Mad Creek Books editor in chief Kristen Elias Rowley at madcreek@osupress.org, or see our website: https://ohiostatepress.org/madcreek.html The index must follow our Indexing Guidelines and should be returned to your press contact as a Microsoft Word document one week following the due date for first proof corrections. Founded in 1928, the University of Oklahoma Press was the first university press established in the Southwest and the fourth founded in the western half of the nation. Yes. The Press publishes the highest quality, peer-reviewed scholarly works through its books and journals program, promoting the work of academics throughout the world. Check that the display pages, subheads, and section breaks are properly formatted. September 30. Swallow Press Kent, OH 44242­â€“0001. Edits should be limited to fixing egregious errors and errors that may have resulted in the layout and design process. Authors or volume editors can compose the index themselves or pay someone to do the work. PO Box 5190. How are royalties calculated? What is my involvement with copyediting? You then return the Word files to your editorial contact at the press, where the changes are finalized and the manuscript is moved into production for typesetting (aka, the creation of the first page proof). What if I have editorial disagreements with the press? Poetry submissions must follow a different set of guidelines, found here. At the review stage, computer disk copy is not required. Descriptive information only is available for publications in print and for sale. Do I get a discount on book purchases? ms preparation and submission page 2 of 2 last updated january 2020 Since its founding in 1965, Northern Illinois University Press has worked to support and enhance the reputation and research mission of the University and academic community by publishing outstanding works of scholarship for a global audience. 671 likes. Swallow Press Alden Library, Suite 101 30 Park Place Athens, OH 45701-2909 +1 740 593 1154 Indiana University Press welcomes submissions in our fields of publication.Please submit your full proposal through our online submission form, which will direct your proposal to the appropriate editor. Do not send submissions by postal mail. OSU Press's book A Mother's Tale, by Phillip Lopate, was widely reviewed by national media in 2017. The Ohio State University Press was established in 1957 and currently publishes 30 new books a year. What if I find errors after the book is published? Note that the editorial department will also be checking to make sure that the changes have been made properly and that no new errors have been introduced. NIU Press publishes scholarly and trade books in the humanities and social sciences for both specialists and general readers. We specialize in literary studies, including narrative theory, Victorian studies, medieval studies, and classics. When do I make the index? What happens to my book once I submit my final manuscript to the press? After the acquiring editor confirms that your work meets the requirements in our Manuscript Preparation and Submission Guidelines, the book is transmitted to the editorial/production department where it is slotted in our schedule and given a projected release date. Mad Creek Books is the literary trade imprint of The Ohio State University Press. There is a $30 entry fee. Frequency: Semiannual Print ISSN: 1944-4990 Electronic ISSN: 2574-2523 Winner of the 2019 Phoenix Award from the Council of Editors of Learned Journals (Read the press release) . Now showing results 1-5 of 752. A total word and/or character count for the work should be given. With a mission to foster creativity, innovate, and illuminate, Mad Creek Books champions diverse and creative literary writing. Your contract specifies your royalty percentages. the subject matter and contribution of your book; the approach or methodology you have chosen; Manuscript copy should be double-spaced, on standard 8½" × 11" paper. If you find any in your book, forward them to your editorial contact who will mark the changes in the event we do further printings. Full page: $300; Half page: $200; Agency commission: 15% Typesetting and paste up: Billed at cost Brief abstract (about 150 words) Table of contents. Ohio State Health Sciences Scholars, Columbus, OH. Ensure that all illustrations match their captions and that illustrations match the references to them in the text and are appropriately located. If you and your acquisitions editor have agreed that your book requires an index (typical for scholarly works), then this step is usually completed at the first proof stage, as that is when pagination is determined. Remember that alterations at this stage are very costly, both in time and money. Be sure to give the indexer a due date that will give you time to review the document and still send to us by the deadline we give you. While you should view this stage as your last opportunity to make changes to the manuscript, your edits should be limited to those in response to the copyeditor’s marks and queries. All explanatory notes should be prepared as endnotes and placed at the end of the text. What are my responsibilities in the editing and production process? After the acquiring editor confirms that your work meets the requirements in our Manuscript Preparation and Submission Guidelines, the book is transmitted to the editorial/production department where it is slotted in our schedule and given a projected release date. In general, Ohio University Press follows the stylistic guidelines in the Chicago Manual of Style and asks that authors prepare their manuscripts accordingly. to Swallow Press/Ohio University Press general submission: nonfiction. The press operates on a fiscal year that runs from July 1 through June 30. Since 1957, it has been the mission of The Ohio State University Press to advance knowledge by disseminating scholarship in the humanities and the social sciences. At this stage, we recommend that you read the pages anew and complete a full review. Or send us a book proposal that describes. The award-winning literary magazine of The Ohio State University, The Journal is published four times yearly and supported by the Department of English, private contributions, advertisements, and sales. Submissions are accepted annually September 1-October 12 through The Journal. Submission are accepted from March 1st through December 1st at ohiouniversitypress.submittable.com. Submit a hard copy of the manuscript. Indexers work on long schedules, so you will want to make arrangements early. The HSS Program was created because a need existed to better serve students interested in the Health Sciences. Permission to Reprint, The anticipated date of completion (if still a work-in-progress), An up-to-date copy of your curriculum vitae.

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